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2005.06.28, 09:11 PM
Ok. I got my monster today and have already run 8 AAA's through it. I have driven it all day. I have used all the different pinion gears and my Monster still ownt pull good wheelies. On fresh batteries they go for about a foot and then die but I have see in vcids people do them for a long time. Can sumone help me with ideas for more torque. just to let you know I am going in reverse then slamming it into forward all the way and it just zips away and doesnt do a wheelie.

2005.06.29, 08:07 AM
make sure you are using good quality rechargable batterys. Also an x-speed motor will help too.

2005.06.29, 09:34 AM
I run durcell rechargables along with an xspeed motor. I can pull off big wheelies for over an hour.

2005.06.29, 11:49 AM
alright thanks. Do you recommend an mAH for the rechargables....600, 750?

2005.06.29, 12:49 PM
Here, these are what I run. http://www.duracell.com/products/rechargeable.asp?id=42&

The AAAs are 750 mah and only take 30 minutes to charge. There are many other battery options as well. I understand that most people use other types which may even be better. I'm sure you'll get all types of info if you jus search "batteries". good luck!

2005.06.29, 03:22 PM
I bought the motor and i am off to the store to get sum rechargables and a charger. Thank you car freak.

2005.06.29, 03:47 PM
the shop here carries gp cells which are good

2005.06.29, 04:17 PM
ok...another question....Motor 1 (http://mini-zracer.com/shop/product.php?pid=692) or Motor 2 (http://mini-zracer.com/shop/product.php?pid=8) I have the money for both but which one is better for a monster. ANyone have these. Good torque and speed?

2005.06.29, 04:53 PM
i think the first motor you are looking at you need fet upgrade for it.out of those two i would get the second one but i would sugest get this motor


it is the fastest motor you can buy with out fet upgrade and i say run the 10tooth with it and you could pull a wheelie for a while.

2005.06.29, 07:02 PM
ok....I looked around and got the motor wkn advised me to get. I read some reviews and everyone says it is fast and can pull wheelies like none other. i am happy with my decision. I also went to the store and bought 8 rechargable Energizer AAA's that are 850 mAH. They make the car scream. I love them and my new motor will just add to the setup plus my new alloy front and rear shock stays.

Thanks everyone that helped

2005.06.29, 09:28 PM
sounds great. I'm thinking now you'll need to upgrade to some stronger gears with all that wheelie pulling power :D

2005.06.29, 10:38 PM
yeah if you need any more help with any thing you can allways ask me.yeah if you read one of the review on that site i wrote one.right now if have the motor in my f1 and the motor really screms.you will love it.

2005.06.29, 11:48 PM
haha..thabnsk guys..I am lookin into have my brother use the CNC machine at work to do that for me......anyway i just got back from War of the Worlds while my batteries were doing there first 3 hour charge...that movie is awesome just to let you know and i put the batteries in...(which normally take 15 minutes to charge but the first is supposed to be 3 hours) and i can pull wheelies like no toher....with the stock motor. If i give it full thrtottle it pulls the front end up a little but the reverse trick is the best. I can now make it roll over on accident going to fast in corners so I cant wait to see what the new motor will due. Thank you guys I love my MZM now.