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2005.06.29, 12:48 PM
This past weekend, we were given the chance to run some mini-z's at one of the larger aftermarket performance car shows locally. My company had a booth there too, so we had to get someone else to run the mini-z area. The small area offered free runs for the public, but a mojority of the takers that day were younger kids. But now, people I know who were at the show are coming up to me and asking me about the small r/c's. We got pretty good response from the organizers too, and they seem like they want the z's back for next year's show too :) .

There was a 1/10th scale area at the same show, and some of my friends also ran in that one, but I was so busy that I never really got to check the show out very much. I did get to turn a few laps in my F1 towards the end of the day. :)

Here's a teaser pic. More pics to come. I'll get some of the cars we were able to get for our booth too, including some R32 GTR's, a Ferrari 456GT and a really mean K20 Integra Type-R.

2005.06.29, 01:29 PM
Dang- I'm in Vancouver next month...would have liked to see that.

2005.06.29, 11:35 PM
?? I'm in surrey and would have come down to run as well just never heard of it? Were do you guys drive out of? I'd enjoy a night out on a new track, especially the RCP. Of course you'd have to deal with my Iwaver 02 hang with the K-cars.

yuk yuk yuk

2005.06.30, 02:01 AM
I'm in Washington state, but my sister-in-law lives in Vancouver, and we visit quite a bit (my wife is Canadian) I was there a couple months ago and stopped by the Indy shop and met Ken...bought my Mclaren body from him...nice guy! He invited me to race next time I'm in town, but I can't remember when he said they run the season.

..Anyway we're going to be back there in early August for the finally of the fireworks competition...so maybe I'll get lucky with some Z action!

2005.06.30, 03:07 PM
Ken from Indy Hobby was at the show too, but he was running 1/10th electric.

machine, you and your I-wavers would be welcome at any of our races, provided we can get any going. We've just been really busy lately, espcially with all the involvement we had in that show. I got your e-mail. Whereabouts in Surrey do you guys run your track at?

I've spoken to one of the organizers of the event, and it's looking like they want us back next year. :)

2005.07.01, 11:15 AM
Here's a shot of my track, when i set it up it's at 121 and 64th in surrey.

Ozite carpet, foam rails, 20'x30' track area. I'm shopping and waiting for a lap counter system for the fall.

2005.07.09, 03:47 AM
Finally got some more pics up : http://www.blitzgear.com/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=3.