View Full Version : All my Z's

Hummer's Rock
2005.06.30, 12:58 PM
I'll start with when i got/get them

Mini-Z Monster

Upgrades:X-speed,rims,antenna,Overland body. BTW RTR is Blue/WHITE body

Mini-z Overland

Upgrades, 3 Auto scales,x-speed,Mt tires,springs,antenna, some other things i cant remember./BTW RTR is hummer h2

Mini-z Mr-01 (Im mail from tower hobbies)

Upgrades:X-speed, CLK white body,Kyosho Crp h-plates,Duratrax carrier,powerline front springs (2 sets, 1 for midget man),powerline locknuts,powerline large front bumper, Btw RTR is the cobra

No good pics to put up, will put some when i get my last z that im gettin for a while

2005.06.30, 01:39 PM
do you plan on buying a mr02 because you would love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hummer's Rock
2005.06.30, 02:00 PM
when i find a cheap place located in the US i will definatly get one

2005.09.28, 06:43 PM
post some pics of them