View Full Version : RCP Tiles I'd love to see

2005.06.30, 02:04 PM
I want 30 degree turns (like slot cars) so everything doesn't have to be a 90 or 180 turn. It would give you a ton more layout options. Another thing I'd like to see is different radius turns. Either pieves made to build larger turns or partial straights you could add to a 30 degree turn to vary the radius. Anyone else see any merit to this?

Just my opinion, I could be wrong
Dennis Miller

2005.06.30, 03:34 PM
I doubt you will anytime soon. But you could always cut them and use duct tape on the bottom side.

2005.06.30, 05:04 PM
rcp already has large radius turns in development i believe.

2005.06.30, 11:26 PM
Really? That could be cool then. Will they have them for the mini-96? I am conteplating getting 2 mini-96s and an expansion pack as i and a few others will be meeting regularly for a local GTG here in Phoenix, but i also want to ba able to have somethin set up here in my house where i don't have much room. Right now are GTG is on fairly fresh pavement at a large parking lot.

2005.06.30, 11:57 PM
they are large radius.. not sub 90 degree tiles.. they are still 90 degrees, just a larger inner curb...

but yea 30 degree set might do better than the 45 set for meeting back at the other end...

2005.07.01, 11:21 AM
Well that would still allow for a higher corner speed and a little variety in layout.

2005.07.04, 06:06 PM
linking the curved together without any straights makes a nice 45