View Full Version : excellent track surface!!

2002.03.08, 08:54 AM
I've just purchased a roll of Asphalt roofing paper. The surface is amazing!!. My track space is about 3 feet by 10 feet. Before adding this surface, it was way too slippery (vinyl tiles). Now, I can drive at much higher speeds and the steering is precise.

I definately recommend this this surface for building your track.
It's black so it looks like a real road surface and it's dirt cheap.
I paid $20 CAD for a roll that covers over 400 sq feet at Home Depot.

2002.03.08, 11:57 PM
glad you like it, most of the guys at the track like it too... check out the tracks...


2002.03.09, 12:48 AM
We've have asphalt paper on our track as well, since a couple of weeks back. The grip is phenomenal, but the drawback is that after racing a while the track becomes sandy so you need to vacuum clean it. And the cars do get really sandy as well....

But apart from that, it sure looks cool and has excellent grip.

Our small track is build in a room at our office. See this site (it's in Swedish) http://medlem.tripodnet.nu/ullissa/anders/FA-banbygge.html for the "story of our track..."

2002.03.11, 10:44 AM

There were two types of the paper. One was more of a sandpaper finish. The other was like a very thick paper coated with tar. The finish is smooth. I don't think it'll get sandy although there's only about 5 hours of race time on it.

2002.03.12, 09:50 PM
well after a few runs, the track will tend to get dirty, as the rubber wheels will tend to wear... and it does get a bit gritty... track surface that i run on is quite similar to what you described... thick paper, a bit smooth, and covered with tar.

2002.03.29, 12:21 AM
racing on the asphalt paper is very realistic but if you are running radial tires ,it will tear 'em up