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2005.07.04, 02:17 AM
Got myself an ARTR (No electronics) Hot Bodies MiniZilla on Saturday

ARTR (http://img266.echo.cx/my.php?image=minizillanewnaked0ln.jpg)

I fitted the following electronics: Novak SPY ESC, Futaba S3002 MG Micro Servo, Hitec FM RX and Team Orion 7.2V NiMh Micro packs

Electronics installed (http://img266.echo.cx/my.php?image=minizillartrnaked13ce.jpg)

Dressed (http://img266.echo.cx/my.php?image=minizillartrdressed17rb.jpg)

It's a little top heavy and begs for oil shocks. The battery and electronics are all positioned in the rear of the truck, so it is a bit of a wheelie machine by design!
Other than that, it's a great little truck. The one dislike I do have is the battery box..

2005.07.04, 11:02 AM
Looks good...I was gonna ask if it would go good outside but I can clearly see that it will. Is it 4WD?

2005.07.04, 05:10 PM
Phredd, it is 18th scale 4WD with a totally sealed transmission.
No ball of fire, doesn't compare to an RC18T or Mini-T performance wise, but it is fun to drive

mini-z racing
2005.07.04, 05:44 PM
It looks neat, Do you have to program the novak spy ? I was thinking of getting the novak spy.

2005.07.07, 03:16 AM
The SPY is an amazing little ESC, I use them on a few of my Micros.
It is pogrammable - obivously the throttle/brake points, but one nice feature is the fact you can disable/enable reverse. This makes it ideal for club racing where reverse is disallowed.

The SPY works well on the 'Zilla, when braking hard I can make the MiniZilla forward flip :)

2005.07.18, 04:23 AM
A little video of "the Joker" in action...
There is also a guest appearance on the video

MiniZilla Video (http://www.rcpics.net/view_single.php?medid=61025)