View Full Version : any new videos

2005.07.04, 03:55 PM
:D any new videos :eek:

2005.07.10, 05:30 AM
this is my first post, i didnt want it to be somthing stupid like this... but i had to say this is a waste of space and a pointlees topic.

2005.07.10, 03:09 PM
Well some of us enjoy seeing what others do with their Z's :D . I myself am in the process of filming my Z's in action and then will figuer out how to get them on my computer and eventually in my gallery. A thread like this gives people with vids to show a place to showcase without creating 'x' amount of misc. threads trying to come up with something to say inorder to post a link ;) . Besides the only useless thread truley is the one that no one responds to. So i guess this thread is pretty good eh?. :D

:D By the way....what is she saying in your avatar? :D

2005.07.10, 03:14 PM
except that there is a section dedicated to vidoes, that would be the place to look.

2005.07.10, 03:16 PM
I have posted some new videos on my website, mostly Racer vids, there are some oveland vids though.