View Full Version : How to make car more forgiving?

2002.03.09, 09:05 AM

I've just added a set of GPM 10.5/11mm rims with 25 degree soft tires and a ball bearing set to my Viper (that also has mid or hard rear carbon H-bar, rear oil damper, Xspeed) and after that it is considerably faster and has better acceleration and grip, which is good.

However, the car is now much less forgiving compared to my previous setup (using stock rims and 30 degree soft tires). If I run at high speeds and make even the slightest correction (or mistake...) I'm off into the barriers. Before it did not react as quickly as it does now, which made it easier to drive. I have the steering limitation on the TX turned down so it doesn't turn 100%.

I'm thinking of extending the chassis to the longest wheelbase and probably also add a ball diff, to see if it improves the handling.

What would you guys recommend? Any other tips & tricks?

Would a new set of front springs give me more options for fine tuning? How much do these really influence the car?


2002.03.09, 09:18 AM
ball diff perhaps? if you don't have it already then i would recomend it.... the performance is noticable.... and u shouldn't spin the car out that easily... the front springs would just improve the steering response, nothing to do with spinouts...

2002.03.09, 02:38 PM
Since you have 25* tires in the front and the rear
If you put harder compund tires in the front that will probly help your car be more forgiving.

2002.03.09, 03:04 PM

My problem is not spinouts, but rather that the car reacts extremely quickly, which I think is due to the very good grip I get with these new rims/tires.

I guess harder tires would give me less grip and make it drift a bit more, which probably would make it a little bit more forgiving. It would reduce the "go-kart" feeling....

But giving the ball diff a try would be more fun ;-)


2002.03.10, 05:31 PM
You should also add a toe-in tie rod to prevent the need for "correction" in the straightaways. This will help you out a lot.

2002.03.13, 03:06 PM
OK, so now I've lowered and lengthened (longest wheel base) the car and also added camber knuckles and a toe-in rod. And while at it I also threw in a GPM ball diff.

Major difference!!!

It's now a lot more forgiving, it was very easy to correct mistakes even at high speeds and, with the diff correctly setup, it was a lot easier to drive thru the curves.