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2005.07.10, 03:47 PM
ok yesterday i went to my lhs and hoping to finish my ol bi when i feet i can our with a brand new custom built mr-01 and i only paid for the chassis and motor mount it has every thing kyosho and stock but with a clear chassis and xspeed

total $25.00

they gave me some part's for free

*random info* im looking for a metallic grey h2 if and luck e-mail at d1mancarzy@yahoo.com

2005.07.21, 05:02 AM
This is the most difficult to understand post I have read in a while, but I think I understand a few of the words atleast ;)

Please take the time to make your posts readable so others can understand you, a spellchecker/dictionary could be handy here :)

So you got a MR01 for 25$, thats pretty good value.

2007.06.13, 10:45 PM

2007.06.14, 01:40 AM
seriously . . . i can understand a few typos here and there but this is kinda crazy. In anycase, the important thing seems to be that someone picked up a decent car on the cheap. Congrats.

2007.06.14, 07:43 AM
check the date on this one...you have a real weird sense of humour, shadowspike. :rolleyes:

2007.06.14, 04:41 PM
Yes. :rolleyes: