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2005.07.12, 08:13 AM
Well, i am going to start winding my own motors again..main problem is finding a good thickness (guage) of wire to wrap! Sooo...

Can some one please give me a list of motors and what wire they use? I am looking for at least:

Tourqe Tunned
Iwaver Pro

If i can get at least on i would be very happy :D

Ibrake Ifry
2005.07.13, 08:20 PM
S02 =i think 28 ga
PlasmaDash= 26 ga (27turns)
Tourqe Tunned=30ga
X-speed=30 ga(50 turns)
Iwaver Pro=26 ga(20 turns)

If you go to radioshack the sell magnetic wire in a 3 pack with 30 ga,26 ga, 22ga
of course you won't need the 22 but it only costs liike 5 bucks anywayz
30 ga wire is good if you are running stock or slightly enhanced fets...but if you want reall speed and toque use 26ga

2005.07.13, 09:19 PM
Wow thanks..
I am thinking a 26 GA 25 turn for my outdoor speed run wiht like a 10 tooth if it has good tourque..

and like a 30 GA 35 turn for the track..i would have to test it out and all..
Sadly, the radio shack is gone from Canada :( But i will just pop by a electronics store and see what they have! :D

Ibrake Ifry
2005.07.16, 08:42 AM
remember that you would need about a 2x2 for a 35 turn 30 ga and 2x4 or better yet a powerful external turbo to be safe with a 25 turn 26 gauge(if you wind tightly it will draw close to 2 amps of current on 6 volts!) remember that the plasmatomic draws about 1.7 amps with no load and that is a 27 turn with 26 gauge...
- my favorite motor right now is a handwound 22 turn with 26 gauge, fat comm, neo magnets, ventilated bb case.