View Full Version : Wow. Anyone have an Alloy of this piece?

2005.07.12, 05:00 PM
I was running my MZM today and had just installed my new GPM Alloy Shock Stays. It was running great and I was jumping it. After a few jumps I noticed the turning was off so I adjusted it via the controll. I ran it some more and it kept getting worse. I was like WTF? When i was done i figured I would check it out while the batteries charged and I took off the body and the top of my servo saver where the tie rod type things attached (the black things that keep the wheel straight ). One of those screw holes had completely snapped off so when i turn my wheels the front part of the body moves too. I ordered a new piece that ois plastic and I was wondering if anyone had an Alloy servo saver that I could buy because mine broke and I am not a big fan of plastic.

2005.07.12, 05:48 PM
Hmmmm... I'm not positive but I think you can only buy interior servo parts in plastic.

2005.07.12, 07:21 PM
yeah i think you ae talking about these two parts

alloy front gear box

alloy servo saver

******=rc mart

2005.07.12, 07:56 PM
The broken piece sounds like the top of the servo case, and yes it does come in ally, check the shop here, they may have one.

On the second note, yes they do make an alloy servo saver and a full set of alloy servo gears

2005.07.12, 08:36 PM
Yeha i broe the top of the servo saver thing

2005.07.14, 12:22 AM
Yep I am up to Front Gear Box number 3.
I have thought about alloy, but the weight just doesn't inspire me

2005.07.14, 10:10 AM
Full Alloy Monster (http://mini-zracer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=18104&highlight=Alloyed+monster)

2005.07.14, 05:15 PM
man breeze....isn't that heavy? You would need a modified motor and FET's or a turbo just to get it to go as fast as stock...it sure does look clean tho