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2005.07.14, 09:05 AM
If you are going to be in Los Angeles come October, come down and visit the RCP Tracks booth at the IHobby Expo in the Los Angeles Convention Center. (www.ihobbyexpo.com).

This year we will be building a bunch of different RC tracks for the show which include; an 80 ft x 40ft RCP Track for the show organizers and RCX promotions, an Overland, Mini-Monster and Mini Inferno track for Kyosho and a Mini-Z track for Kyosho.

If you would like to be involved with the show and would like to help out at one of the tracks, let me know. There is always plenty to do between setting up the tracks and marshalling the cars and trucks being demoed by the pro manufacture drivers.

2005.10.24, 12:25 PM
Did anyone go to ihobby over the weekend? How were the tracks that RCP had set up? I'm sure they were great. Anyone have some pictures?

Anyone Check out the New MA-01? get to test drive it? if so post your experience for all to see.

how was the rest of the show? I would love to make it to one of these someday, they are just so far away.


2005.10.24, 02:26 PM
We just got back from the show. There were some members of this forum at the show who took many pictures of all the tracks and new cars. I am sure they will post shortly. I will be too busy this week to get some pictures up, but should have some time next week to do so.

Kyosho had the 1/24 awd and the new 1/16 scale stadium truck out for public demo and I am sure some of the forum members who tested it will post their reviews shortly.

2005.10.24, 05:55 PM
I want to see some pictures :)

2005.10.24, 11:11 PM
pics... pics... pics... :D

2005.10.25, 06:21 PM
I'll try to post a few later tonight--it's been hectic with the new toys and packing my office junk while still trying to be somewhat productive. However, I never did drive the new AWD or the ST--though I had fun driving my brushless KMI and brushless RC18T on the stunt track. The KMI does some great 360s. :D

2005.10.25, 10:54 PM





2005.10.26, 11:22 AM
What the hell? What is going on in that 4th picture? That looks insane!

2005.10.26, 11:28 AM
The driver hit the glass and bounced off of it as I took the photo. :D

2005.10.26, 11:26 PM
thanks for the pics.... :D

2005.10.27, 01:11 AM
that's a really sweet in-action shot... I really like that one.

2005.10.27, 01:15 AM
I like the silver 1:1 in the 3rd pic. :cool:

2005.10.27, 02:20 AM
That was the HotWheel booth.

2005.10.27, 03:42 AM
Just changed your sig TNB... had to put that you had 50+ r/c's didn't you

2005.10.27, 11:06 AM
Sure did--I only did that because I quit counting at 50. iHobbyExpo alone did some damage--cars, boats, and a micro heli, which doesn't count the latest nitro buggies. And, thanks for commenting about the KMI photo. The most current breakdown is at RCU, but I do need to get around to moving photos to the new gallery. However, it won't be for sometime yet since I plan to come in last at the World final--I still need to fix my Z since running it Labor Day and then I barely fixed it since running on the Fourth of July. In other words, I haven't hardly ran the Zs.

2005.10.27, 11:18 AM
You must have had quite a spending spree at Ihobby... just the fact that you pluralized so many of those items scares me, lol. Great stuff/