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2005.07.17, 07:49 PM
I have li-ons set up on my monster now I want to add a better motor on stock fets will I be able to run a PN Speedy Nm (http://www.jawdropracing.com/images/speedynm.JPG) on stock fets and not have to worry about frying them??
Scroll almost all the way down and you will see it (http://www.jawdropracing.com/tunershop2.html)

2005.07.17, 08:57 PM
Should be fine as long as you gear the motor right - it says on the page that it is the best non-FET motor and that it is safe to run with stock FET's.

I'm about to get one for my MR-02 and have not done a FET upgrade/mod - completely stock. Should be good to go.......unless the FET's on a monster are different? I don't think they are though.

Good luck!
PD2 :cool:

2005.07.17, 09:02 PM
So I should just stick with the smaller gears and be alright.
Just got my monster a couple days ago but I have done quite a bit to my xmod.

2005.07.18, 02:33 AM
yeah your monster will be find and you can run any tooth you want to i would say run a 11 tooth

2005.07.18, 07:19 PM
thanks and should this be faster than an x-speed or should I just wait until an Xspeed comes in.

2005.07.18, 11:30 PM
no this will be way faster then any xspeed!

2005.07.19, 08:47 PM
Nice Gunna Order It Tonight

2005.07.19, 09:23 PM
Questionable with the lithium ions. The higher voltage might cause more problems with the stock FETs. I don't mess with lithium so I couldn't say for sure though.

Xspeed isn't that shabby either imo.

2005.07.20, 02:45 PM
Its on the way now I just hope everything goes right. I might back the li-ons because the truck seems to be way unstable with them always flipping and what not.