View Full Version : new indoor track in singapore

2002.03.09, 04:24 PM
please give comments

2002.03.09, 04:25 PM
another picture

2002.03.09, 04:26 PM
night racing at the track

2002.03.09, 04:26 PM
an F1 racing on the night track
sorry about the lousy camera

2002.03.09, 04:28 PM
another night picture
can't really see the cars while we were racing them
need to spray them with luminous paint and install lights

2002.03.09, 04:29 PM
office, counter, locker and repair area

2002.03.09, 07:41 PM
Looks Awesome!!! the night shots are really cool!. Just wondering what the track material is. Thanks

2002.03.10, 12:07 AM
track material is carpet

2002.03.10, 05:54 PM
Wow, looks great!!!

2002.03.10, 09:57 PM
Wow, nice track :D

Btw, its being illuminated by black lights right?

2002.03.10, 10:20 PM
its luminated with ultraviolet lights
those purplish kind

2002.03.10, 10:22 PM
Those are called "Black Lights" :D

2002.03.11, 01:27 AM
Hi Jaqr,

you from Singapore? me too! are you one of the guys working at Seow Choon? Saw the track myself too..its quite big and cool ;p

2002.03.11, 01:35 AM
Hi Jaqr,

you from Singapore? me too! are you one of the guys working at Seow Choon? Saw the track myself too..its quite big and cool ;p

2002.03.11, 02:21 AM
I help out with modification and repair works there. Not working full time there I have other jobs to do. Just hang on a while the track will be open real soon. Just waiting to get our license.

2002.03.11, 02:57 AM
i c, btw, do they allow turbos/GPM mod motors on the race track?

P.S any 2nd hand parts u want to get rid off ? leave me a mail!

2002.03.11, 03:23 AM
yes all kind of modifications allowed
F1 and mini-z also can.
we're working on some internal turbo and will announce it when we make it work.
I think further discussions should be done in the forum under singapore
do tell your friends about the new track!

2002.03.11, 12:28 PM
cool! thanx!

S.C Speed Racer
2002.03.14, 12:38 AM
Thanks jagr for takin and posting up those pics while I was away :) Anyway yea we need to get a better digital cam soon. :p

Hang on guys, due to our busy schedule we ARE rushin to complete everythin at the circuit. We are almost done, should be ready by Mid-End March. Those who are anxious to know 1st hand news just email us at sc_speedracer@hotmail.com to be added into the mailing list.

Hmm hi coromer.. wonder who u are.. ;)

2002.03.14, 01:08 AM
Hiya S.C Speed Racer,

Wondering who are you too! :) think we'll find out when the track opens :p

S.C Speed Racer
2002.03.14, 01:34 AM
haha okie dokie. btw are u on our mailing list? If not betta submit ya email to us to catch latest and 1st hand updates ;)

N for all who don't know the full name or backgrd of S.C Speed Racer Club , S.C represents "Seow Choon"
It's a subsidary open by
Seow Choon Games Specialist Pte Ltd
JUST for Mini-Z racers and products.