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2005.07.18, 05:22 PM
will i need a FET upgrade to put in my IW X-Speed motor into my monster?

2005.07.18, 05:54 PM
xspeed no but some motors have been known to fry boards, expecially with the bigger wheels and pinions mzms have. Xspeed pro...definately.

2005.07.19, 02:37 AM
Yea i would agree about stacking your fets or using a turbo to run the x-speed pro in your mzm. Iwaver did that motor for their 5amp boards, and i think they say somewhere on their site that you don't want to run it in an a non-turbo Kyosho mini-z. The x-speed plus by Iwaver is a full 10k revs higher then the regulare x-speed and i'm not sure what kind of draw it will do. The regulare x-speed should be safe enough for an unmodified esc though.

re-cap: x-speed=okay, x-speed plus=unsure, x-speed pro=turbo or fet upgrade

I've heard others around here say they've ran the x-speed pro with a stock board and had no issues untill they either ran them wide open too long or got stuck on something and had the wheels lock while still on the throttle (good for a spike across the fets). And still others say after a few minutes of mild play they fried the fets.

2005.07.19, 05:49 PM
i just was not sure because i ordered it on ebay and they said a FET upgrade was needed. but i have heard of people putting them into their mini-z i wasn't sure which answer is correct.

2005.07.20, 01:10 AM
Most likely those people had either a Fet upgrade or a turbo installed. Or were very lucky.

2005.07.20, 01:55 AM
i was talkin bout the normal xspeed. all i wanna know is f it for sure cool or not