View Full Version : PN World Cup Role call

2005.07.21, 03:12 AM

I will be there.
also, I have made arrangements to stay at the embassy suites hotel.

if anybody wants to join me for dinner Friday night..e-mail me and lets set up something....

also, usually there is a limited open bar in the evening (two free drinks) in the atrium area.
lets all meet there around 7:30pm...
(is it even close to october yet?) ;)

also, i noticed that they have a drivers list on pn web site.

2005.07.21, 12:11 PM
Looks like Cristian, myself, Biff and Scot will probably be making the trip.

2005.07.21, 01:27 PM
If I go, I'll probably be staying in Glendale. To shop at iHobbies the week before or to race with MZR members....

2005.09.27, 04:29 PM
i just got word from shannon watts that he plans on being there...

2005.09.27, 11:53 PM
I plan to be there as well as Rudy since we spoke at IIC--the race, not the dinner.

2005.09.27, 11:55 PM
We're ready to go...
Just a month away...

2005.09.28, 12:00 AM
Who mentioned anything about being ready?

2005.09.28, 01:16 AM
good luck to all... i just know it'll be such a bash... :D :D
and don't forget to post pics and a race report... :D