View Full Version : Flipped OUT!! Our Clubs 1st Video - Must see--one of a kind!

2005.07.21, 11:38 PM
Here is our clubs first 'Official' Video.
It is also a 'blooper' of a video as well-you can thank the monsoon gods of Phoenix, Az. for this one :)
We did have some casualties, but rumor has it that a full recover is possible. We had just put together Dusty Weasle's beautiful first effort homegrown track.....
The video is a bit large but well worth the laugh:

Club AZ's - Flipped Out! (http://www.mini-az.com/video/FlipOut.mov)

You can also go to our site:
www.mini-az.com (http://www.mini-az.com)
and get the link from the home page.


2005.07.22, 08:25 AM
I recomend a rock or brick or two ;)

2005.07.23, 05:44 PM
Were the Z's allright?

Ugh, yeah a brick or 2

2005.07.23, 08:36 PM
That video was my first run with my new MR-01 Ford Focus WRC, but the car came out untouched. Dusty Weasle's McLaren took a beating with the antenna snapped off and the body scuffed as well as the window popped out. The other cars were untouched.

2005.08.08, 05:35 AM
nice site you should get a forum.

2005.08.08, 10:11 AM
Heh, that was som pretty funny stuff. Like the others said, weigh it down next time :D

2005.08.17, 04:38 PM
holy crap.... that was crazy. I've set up on snow and ice and never seen that.