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2005.07.22, 10:15 AM
I'd love to do a lithium upgrade to my anniversary edition monster. I've already replaced the normal pieces with alloy after breaking them so I think it can handle it structurally. But my wife is already complaining about how much I've spent on "hop-up" parts for this thing.

So who has the best price for a good lithium kit (including charger)? I've seen some on ebay but with shipping they're hitting $50 and I'd like to keep it in the 30's if possible (or it may not happen). Thanks!

2005.07.22, 03:07 PM
make your own go to batteryspace.com and get there AA size lithiums. then go to xmodforum.com and get their $12 charger and there micro deans plugs. then go to radio shack and get 18 guage wire. it's what im doing right now. it comes out to be with shipping $30 and $5 for the wire.

2005.07.22, 07:31 PM
Thanks lilskipro. That does look like a good combo, although I hate to pay separate shipping so I'm tempted to get all of it from one place. Would any of the chargers on batteryspace work for this? Also, which batteries did you get from batteryspace? I see a 750mha listed as AA size, but the others don't seem to have any way to tell the size.

The batteries from look nice and aren't that much more expensive (and are 800mha) and I like their wire (I think I have some but it's not as nice) so I could get that and save a trip to RS. But by that time I'm at 19.27 and their pre-setup battery kit is only $22. But that's still in the $30's which is where I was shooting.

Thanks for the help!

2005.07.24, 05:42 PM
The chargers fro batteryspace would work you would just have to get a extra deans plug for it and solder it on. The 700 mah AA's will work. If you go to www.atomicmods.com (http://www.atomicmods.com/) you can get a tutorial on how to install them in a MZM and a MR02. if you need anything else just holler

2005.07.24, 06:09 PM
Try jawdropracing you can get everything you need for 40 and you will need the 600mah I made the mistake of using the 700mah and its a pain to get them to fit nicely without rubbing.

2005.07.24, 10:11 PM
Thanks guys. Mightemouce, are you saying that the 700 and 750mha batteries are larger than the 600mha ones? Even though I assume they're all AA sized? I was assuming to mount them in the same place as the current batteries just like it's shown on atomicmods.com. I see there that they say "new 600mah cell.... just short enough to fit inside the AAA case". I guess I was assuming all these cells were pretty much the same size and that a larger mha cell was better.

Thanks for the tip on the size. Which of the batteryspace cells fit well? Thanks!

2005.07.25, 08:58 AM
If you get everything from batteryspace.com, you will save on shipping, however, their charger is 19 and not 12 like lilskipro said. All in all, the total for my liion setup was $45 and I got the batts from a separate place, so subtract $4, and the total was really $41

2005.07.25, 09:55 AM
Good point moddogs. Looking back at batteryspace I see that they have a 600mha cell that's described as 4/5ths of AA size. That's probably the right one. That would put it close to the same length as an AAA I'm guessing. It definitely looks like the way to go is get 2 of these cells from batteryspace for $8+shipping and the charger, connectors and wires from xmodforum for $20+shipping. That would be $28 plus shipping from each place which would still land it easily in the $30's.

Thanks for all the help guys and especially the tip on the 600mha cell size. Let me ask 2 more questoins:

1. I'm still wondering if the 750 or 800mha cells would provide more power or just longer running time? (I purchased higher mha number Nmh cells a while ago and was impressed with the increase in power).

2. I've tried to solder to the ends of Li-Ion cells before and could never get them hot enough. What is the right technique to doing this?


2005.07.25, 11:36 AM
I can help #1 the more mah the longer they will last but they are also bigger. So I suggest the 600 mah's too. Right now im making a kit and I too are have troubles soldering I found patience is the key. And make sure when you order the batteries to get pre wired tabs on them( it is a option)

2005.07.25, 03:45 PM
Thanks lilskipro, I didn't even notice the tab option, but that's definitely the way to go for another 0.80 a piece. I also noticed on the atomic mods page that they specifically say that you'll ruin or severely reduce the power output of a Li-ion cell by soldering to it (due to the heat).

I think their page also answered the question about the mha. It looks like it's mostly run time which they claim to be pretty good with these 600mha cells. I think they said 36 minutes or so which is really pretty good (not quiet as good as I got with my NMH's when new, but close). It also looks like they get about 30% more top speed with the same motor over nicads :-).

Anyway, I think I've found some wire in my shop that will work well so I'll just get the 600mh cells with tabs and the charger and connectors from xmodforum which makes a total cost of 23.39 plus shipping for both places.

I do have one question left (until I think of another :-)):

1. On atomicmods they suggest removing the power switch as this is a power drop, but I like having the switch. Has anyone experimented with exactly how much power you lose due to this switch?


2005.07.25, 05:33 PM
I think ithey said at atomicmods it's a 10% powerloss so it's not really bad I havent decided if I will do it.

2005.07.25, 06:06 PM
yeah make sure you go with the 600mah because I used 700 mah and the way too big to fit in the stock spot enless you do some drilling and fitting witch i havent done yet because I havent totally made up my mind if i wanna buy the 600 mah. As for run time the 600mah should be fine because the 700mah I have last for a long time. I would recomend jaw drop racing over atomic mods that just my opinion. A 600mah pro kit from jdr should be just the thing itll strap right in and your ready to go. I tried mounting them with the sleeper look but the truck was WAY to tipsy