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Mr. P
2005.07.23, 08:49 PM

Date: Sunday August 7, 2005
Track open at: 10:00 Am.
Race Start at: 03:00 Pm.
Class: Modified only
Rules: - Battery, 4 aaa rechargable, no lithium
- Chassis, Kyosho chassis only
- Motor, any modified motor
- Motor mount, any motor mount
- Body, kyosho body
Race Fee: $ 10.00

Format: Bump up and TRIPLE A MAIN
Prize: Winner take all $$$$$$$$$$

Contact: Net Zone, 909/877-2648 call after 12:00 noon.
or Samxphumirat@hotmail.com

Let me know who will sigh up.

Mr. P
2005.08.09, 02:34 PM
First of all we would like to thanks PN racing for supporting us for this race. The Mini-z racing was on as soon as the parking lot was over on the same day. Lots of the 10th scaler were pretty impressed with Mini-Z. Now we will just have to keep on plugging until we can convert them all !!!!!!

The race went off as planned. There were 7 car vying for the money. Allan Mock drew the first blood on the first race follow by Philip Ng and Chad Nelson. Brian was unfortunately being bounce around a little bit while Rudy Rodriguez was having trouble with his car's handling.

Second race(starting order with the winner in the back and last place in the front), Chad Nelson let every know that he wants in on the money too and put his car in first place and dropped Allan Mock to second while Brian solder on to finish 3rd to keep himself in the race. At this point the score were Allan-199, Chad-198, Brian and Philip are tie at 195 apiece. Rudy was still having quite a problem with his car still.

Starting position for third race had Chad, Allan and Brian in the back row. At starting tone all of the three guys were working the traffic real quick and starting to pull away from the rest of the field. By mid race Allan had established a lead with Chad in tow, Odyseus found a way to put some speed and handling working in 3rd spot. At the end Allan car and driving just proved too much for anyone to challenge, he ended up walked away with $ 70.00 for the effort.

I would like to thank every one who follow our race or participated with us.

2005.08.09, 04:19 PM
thanks for the update....
where are the track pics & times?

2005.08.31, 04:42 PM
i'm from san diego but will probably be heading up to Rialto this weekend if I get all my parts in.
I have pretty much zero experience racing but can't wait to get up there and stretch out my cars legs on that track!

2005.08.31, 10:37 PM
Great to hear about the racing. I used to race with Alan Mok in NYC, HKS. He is quite a driver ;)