View Full Version : Monster adjustable diff...what is available?

2005.07.26, 01:15 PM
Got most of my monster modded now, but wanted to add an adjustable diff, like my other mini-zs.

Can anyone tell me who makes a diff and whether it is any good or not? I seem to recall that perhaps GPM make one, but all my diffs are Kyosho and I know they don't make a diff, just a ti shaft.

Any comments/suggestion?


2005.07.26, 10:38 PM
only GPM makes a ball diff for the Monsters.
i dunno if they are good or not, but i'd rather stick with the stock gear diff.

2005.07.27, 08:41 PM
I have a GPM 1/8 diff for my monster. It's difficult to adjust because you have to remove it. Once I got it tuned in it was great. Also the only way to lock it is to tighten it all the way up.