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2002.03.10, 04:00 PM
Is it possible to put negative or positive camber or caster on a Mini Z?

I'd love to put on a drift setup :P

2002.03.10, 06:18 PM
Yes you can add camber to the front end on your MINI-Z.
You can do this by getting Knuckles with built in amounts
of camber "usually 1,2 degrees"
Or you can slightly bend your axles to the amount of camber you desire. Be careful when bending and be sure to only bend right near the knuckle because if you bend it where the bearings slide on you will have trouble getting your bearings on and off.

As for caster I have not seen anyone using caster on their MINI-Z.
In order to add caster you would have to lean the king-pin forward or backward and it seems that with the stock front end this would be impossible to do without modifications.

Here's a pic of my 0 degree knuckles that I bent camber into.

Hope this helps.

2002.03.12, 10:38 AM
Camber in the front is easily antained by simply purchasing the front chamber steering blocks.
Rear chamber is alittle different. I don't know if there is a product that is made to produce rear chamber. And since the Mini-z has a solid rear axel and not indepentdant it can not reall be adjusted in any way I can think of with a stock "coffee grinder" differential(I like to call it that) and the ball differential,once again that I know off, there could be somthing that I don't know about.But I have figured out a way to produce rear camber. A while back a friend of mine who bought some alloy wheels he tought that these wheels were wide but I told him they weren't,he thought they were so he bought the wide tires. Well needless to say they were to wide for the standard with wheels which he had bought. So he gave them to me since I have a set of wide rims. Well I was fooling around with them and mounted them on standard width rims.
In doing this of course there was an over hang of the tire off of the rims.So I pushed the tire inward twords the motor pod, well as you may realize there is that lip or "rim" at the inside part of the wheels. So I lifted the tire to sit over this lip so the tire would be flush with the outside face of the wheel.In doing so the inside of the tire was raised to sit on top of the wheels "lip". This caused an effect of camber since the inside diamiter was larger than the outside. When driving the car I found fast improvment in the handling and coring aspect of driving. The only downside to having this "simulated chamber"(Icall it) I found was that in a standing acceleration I experienced more wheel slip as the actual "foot print" of the tire is less than if it were standing flat along the floor/road. But if your racing on a twisty course and and are using the standard width wheels and have some wide tires laying around, why not give it a try?
Hope this helps

P.S. Has anyone tried this?

2002.03.12, 01:20 PM
Porschefreak964 - So you see, you can do anything once you set your friends mind to it.
Porschefreak964 - good points made. I believe I will buy the "modified front steering block" - is this the item that was refered to?

2002.03.12, 02:44 PM
The only thing my friend(Bryant not a member) did was buy the wrong tires for his wheels;) ;) ;) :rolleyes: .......

2002.03.12, 02:45 PM
I know - lucky you LOL !!

2002.03.12, 06:40 PM
PorscheGuy964, interesting idea! It seems like the reduced rear patch would be a lot more of a sacrifice than the gain from the camber though? I mean camber has rather more of an effect up front.

2002.03.12, 06:54 PM
Like I said its worth giving it a try in a twisty road course. It seemed when i was using "simulated chamber" in the rear it didn't want to step out as much in a tight fast turn when using the normal roundy type tires. But in acceleration it definatly took away from it,of course.