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2005.08.18, 07:08 AM
hi people... i have recently built my own track at home (3mx2.80m) but havent drawn the course yet. I am thinking about the course width, would 30cm enough for the width? Could the cars run and overtake each other freely or is it too narrow?

2005.08.18, 10:38 AM
30cm is probably going to be too narrow even for one car to drive comfortably. I've got an RCP mini tile 96 track, and each tile is 30 cm wide, with the track consisting of two side by side tiles for a total of 60cm (90cm where I've installed the expansion kit). Even 60cm is pretty narrow for more then two cars to drive on.

I'd say you'd want a minimum of 90cm for 3 or more cars.

2005.08.18, 10:48 AM
30cm like 11 inches? Way too narrow for 1/28th scale. This is the wrong place to post a question about that but to answer your question again it's too narrow.

Since you are in the RCPsupport forum you should go to www.rcptracks.com to get an idea of what Kyosho uses for competition size tracks.


2005.08.22, 02:49 AM
We like 48 inch wide for most of our racing, it allows alot of room for high speed manuvering, though we do also run narrower chutes, turns, and choke points just to keep everyone on thier toes! There's nothing like zooming down a 48 inch straight and 180 turn just to be thrown into the next turn at 24 inches then into a diagonal 30 inch chute before getting back into a 48 inch straight...get the drift? :)