View Full Version : Are the GPM shocks oil filled?

2005.08.18, 05:06 PM
in the ads I see it only says spring adjustment. I know the yellow Kyosho shocks are oil filled.. No point in getting the gpm's if they are not!!!

2005.08.18, 07:09 PM
I dont have the gpm. But i think i read they dont have oil in them.

2005.08.20, 04:58 AM
yea, they are just grease shocks

2006.03.10, 07:33 AM
what is so good bout oil filled shocks...how does it handle compared to stock. will i need to refill it w/ oil from time to time?

2006.03.10, 10:54 AM
I run a Kyosho single on my HFAY, GTA.45 runs a GPM. They both work very well. I do use a different grease in the GPM (hair conditioner... believe it or not !) This seems to get the lumpiness out of it. The main idea behind dampening is to create more traction by soaking up vibrations that may cause wheel-hop.

Best advice I can give for any shock system :

1. Make sure your suspension in the rear allows for unloaded suspension travel, that means, when you pick up your car, your tires should drop just a millimeter or two. (rear only, with the kingpin type up front, this is not feasible.)

2. Make sure that there is no freeplay at the shocks connection points, this can almost entirely negate the fact that you have a shock on ! When that suspension starts to move, that shock should instantly start doing it's job. Loose connections at the ball towards the rear, or at the connection point on the chassis can cause wheel hop, a chattering noise, and inconsistent steering.

When I ran carpet, the GPM three shock setup was the way to go, I never ran with a carbon fiber though, always ran one of my custom lexans with it. I still have this setup on my hybrid, MR02/01... still handles well on the RCP but the rebound, side to side on the rear suspension seems slow, when I come out of the turn, it has a tendency to stay in the direction of the turn for just a split second which sometimes creates a necessity to counter steer. I did dial the springs up, but then it seems to gain a tendency to spin out a little.
I think this is all caused by the lack of a vibration through the rear of the car, the RCP is very smooth, and is shock absorbing as well, when the car was ran on carpet, there are tons of little "bumps" in the weave to help set the shocks quicker. Also, be sure to match the shocks... Usually there is one shock with a little more resistance than the others, that's the one to put on top.

Good luck !

2006.03.10, 02:13 PM
what is so good bout oil filled shocks...how does it handle compared to stock. will i need to refill it w/ oil from time to time?

In the case of the Monster they help you stick a landing without bouncing all over the place. This is with the yellow oil shocks with the oil in them. I usually check mine at least once a month. If they are worn you may need to check them more. On the little cap at the bottom of the shock body that pops down, I put a tiny dab of grease there to act as a seal for the oil. I never messed with the GPM shocks.

2006.03.11, 07:12 AM
I installed 3racing oil shocks on two of my MZMs a week ago and they have dramatically improved damping on landing the small jumps - 7" - that I have on my indoor offroad track. They can be tuned so you don't bottom out. With the stock shocks every jump bottomed out and the body often came loose on the chassis. Now the bodies don't rattle nearly as much and the jump landings are significantly smoother. Even where I have a take off and landing ramp the stock shocks also bottomed out. Not so with the oil shocks.