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2005.08.24, 03:44 PM
Has your monster reached Shelf Queen Status?


2005.08.24, 03:49 PM
mine sure has.....:(

2005.08.24, 03:53 PM

2005.08.24, 05:45 PM
yes :rolleyes:

2005.08.24, 06:35 PM
My original one is almost there. It crossed the line when I added the alloy. I still run it once in a while, but I do like them light and agile.


T Man
2005.08.24, 07:48 PM
I don't think mine will ever be a shelf queen. It's just too much fun to play with! It's hard to break too. :)

2005.08.28, 04:33 PM
That is one heck of a paintjob. I'm working on my paint now with a mad killer whitebody and "true blue pearl" and florescent green paints. I doing a blue base with a offset line (1 thick 1 thin I think) in green. chrome on the grill, and head and taillights. I can't find the kind of decals I would like to have anywhere, but I don't think I'm going to custom make some.

Anyone else tried making extended upper suspension arms? I'm thinking very thin aluminum pipes with epoxy inside the ends. maybe cut the old one in half and slide it in. It would be a pain to get it straight and both of them the same length, and would definately be time critical.

I might just move the rear ones to the front and extend the front ones for the rear. Just trying to keep the ends from curling up when I get my oil shocks here and stretch out the lower suspension arms.


2005.09.02, 09:23 AM
mine is all apart broken.... anyone want to buy my IW04 for parts or something just needs a new board e-mail me if your interested karbonkid587@yahoo.com

2005.09.02, 11:49 AM
Has your monster reached Shelf Queen Status?
I've always had one shelf queen monster, but that is why I own three of them. I even turned down a 40th a few weeks ago that someone tried to sell me.


2005.09.02, 01:55 PM
Nice TNB!


2005.09.04, 03:14 PM
Oh I just can't resist showing off, LOL :D



2005.09.04, 05:50 PM
Lithiums!!! Looks fast. Nice job Fetch-it. Where you at in the UK?


2005.09.05, 03:21 PM
Lithiums!!! Looks fast. Nice job Fetch-it. Where you at in the UK?


Hi there byebye, I'm in Leeds (up north), I think you emailed me when you were in London. Are you still about in the U.K.???

The Lithium trucks are fast, the bashed up alloy 40th has a 3x2 stack a plasmatomic with ferrite mags and 750 mAH Li-Ions (I have a nelly deluxe and ally front servo case on the way for it).

The blue and purple truck has a spider turbo and plasmatomic (with neo-mags) and the 600 mAH Li-Ions that fit into the battery cases. I'm still not sure to keep this truck as a shelf queen but it's just wanting to have a Monster Jam! ! !

The 3rd is my shelf queen, a 40th that I picked up from a dude here @ mini-zracer. He so kindly included a set of the kyosho gun metal alloy shock stays. I added the 6 hole gunmetal dushed rims and 3x2 fet stack, nice even if I might say so myself LOL!