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2005.08.25, 01:57 AM
Just a quick question regarding mzm (didn't find this in search).

How well are they suited for driving outside? in a lawn for instance....


2005.08.25, 02:32 AM
Ya know I remember it not doing so well because of the 2wd only. Of course I'm not a monster enthusiast. My monster has some balls too but it needed the right tires and I also noticed the grass and weeds getting caught up in the axle. I've driven mine outside and it flies. I have to use a slick front though to keep it from rolling.


2005.08.25, 03:07 AM
I tried mine the other day outside in the grass, It was short and dry. I am suprised at how well it done, even though the grass was short it was still well over the tires. My Monster hopped right on through it like it was nothing. I used "Recycler" (see the thread on it) it is more or less a stock truck ,light and all.

2005.08.25, 07:33 PM
I took My monster and Hoppped it up with a Nelly V2 and a Plasma Atomic Hybrid (Still 4 cells) and it tore up grass that was well over the hight of the bonnet.

It is actually lots of fun watching the front end lift and it scoot along with it's nose in the air accross the lawn.

2005.09.15, 10:22 AM
Yes these monsters work just as well outside as inside. The only surface I didnt like was dry sand, that got worked into everything (shocks gearbox etc.) and required a complete rebuild to get it clean. :(

I have enjoyed driving in moist/slightly wet dirt in the garden. It doesnt get to dirty and is fun to climb on and such.

One sidenote though, these things REALLY NEED 4wd to be able to do real rock climbing and my next mod will be just that.