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2005.08.27, 12:20 AM
Hey Y'all,

I know there is a lot of new track in town....
I have heard talk about a race....
Anyone have the final time/location ect --> (Dusty's Ant Farm?)


2005.08.27, 01:15 AM
I'm still hoping to get use of the clubhouse tomarrow, but failling that, my wife said we could use the dinning room. If we move the table outside we would have enough room for 2 wide Ls. It won't compare to 4, but it would be in the A/C and access to tables and chairs.

Arguing with the antz as to who will drive the car ;) is entertaining and all, but i hate having to force my size and weight to get my way. :p :D

Dusty Weasle
2005.08.27, 02:33 AM
Well I canít argue with A/C, given its 97deg at midnight now and forecast to be 110deg tomorrow. If we get the clubhouse Iíll have to figure a way to squeeze my two Wide Lís into my little Sentra.

If all else fails we can still meet here. Thereís little-to-no ant problem in the front yard/driveway, and fewer flying bugs as theyíre more attracted to the streetlight. (The exterminator is coming out next week to nuke the ants).

Actually, I didnít have any trouble bringing in my tiles last time. While we were talking after the race, the temperature cooled off and the ants went away. I didnít see a one when I brought the tiles in the house.

And hey, the backyard is cool, green, trimmed, and can fit four Wide Lís :cool:

2005.08.27, 10:53 AM
i neat idea the dorks on wheels guys came up with was marking the corner of the tiles with either a silver sharpie or a white paint pen. this would be a good idea for those that bring personal track tiles to add to gtg tracks.

2005.08.27, 11:58 AM
Yep. I'm on my way to the store in a little bit for exactly that. ;)

2005.08.27, 12:41 PM
4 wide L's....it was pretty nice in the evening last time.....4 WIDE L's!!!!
What do yall say-if no club house we deal with the heat and build a monster track :)


2005.08.27, 12:44 PM
"RADD"!?!?, dude your age is showin. :p Just kidding, i thought it was funny since i haven't heard that word in a couple of years.

2005.08.27, 01:07 PM
hehehe-yea thats from living a block from some of the best surfing in the coastal USA (Santa Cruz, Cali.). Now its all sand and no ocean :(

2005.08.27, 02:53 PM
Dude, I hear ya man. I miss San Diego, but i don't miss the expence. ;)

2005.08.27, 02:53 PM
so did you guys race yet?

2005.08.27, 03:07 PM
Well if we end up and racin at dustyweasel's then we'll wait till this evening cause it's a hot day here in Phoenix. The last thing i want to do is stand in the shade and loose a gallon of sweat every 15min :p . I'm on my way over to talk to the pres. of our association to see about the clubhouse. And then i'll be off to the store to get a markin pen for my track.

2005.08.27, 04:35 PM
I picked up the 6 crystal set (XMod) from Radio Shack. So we should not have to worry about "crossing the streams" :)

The following are the Feq:
#7 - 26.975
#8 - 27.025
#9 - 27.75
#10 - 27.125
#11 27.175
#12 - 27.225


2005.08.27, 06:05 PM
"crossing the streams" will take care of any giant marshmallow man we come across though. ;) :D

2005.08.28, 02:52 AM
4 WIDE Ls ARE THE BOMB.....HIROSHIMA SIZED!!!!!! It was awsome racein tonight. 2 racers backed out at the last minute, but the 4 of core racers were there as always. We used everything but 3 corners and 3 blanks and 2 sides from 4 wide ls. Dusty was able to come up with a fairly descent track that had 2 fast sections and a good technical section. The only complaint i have about the RCP track was the amount of dust left over from the manufacturing process. Next time i set mine up i'll vaccume it ;) .

I took video of a 20 or so lap race and some Hot Pursuit style racin with my R34 police car with working lights. As soon as i figuer out how to get it from my camcorder to my computor, i'll upload it to my gallery. Dusty's wife got some good pics of some pre race foolery. They'll be here or on www.mini-az.com soon i'm sure. ;)

Dusty Weasle
2005.08.29, 02:27 AM
Wow that was a wild ride! Our latest GTG saw our first use of four, count Ďem, four RCP Wide Lís!

It took a couple hours to set up, but we had to assemble the rails on three Lís. I assembled my two Lís ahead of time, but had all the rails on backward. Yep, turns out you can do that. Doh!

We opted for my messy garage again to take advantage of the assembly friendly and lower-insect-volume concrete. Why is my garage still messy? Itís after dark, and still above 100deg. Iíll get to it in winter. Winter is the answer to everything in Phoenix. (Of course its not too hot to race Mini-Zís ;) ).

Iíve read about RCP dust, but itís impressive in-person. Attached are a couple aftermath shots of my McLaren. Iíve never seen a dirty car look so good. :cool: Derekís car looked like it had been dipped in water then sprayed with soot.

We did some 20 lap races (always a challenge to count in your head), and some 3 and 5 lap sprint races that were pretty fun (yet still a challenge to count).

After bouncing our cars off each other for awhile, we tried some Hot Pursuit races that were crazy-silly-fun, and amazingly didnít hurt the cars. Weíre still ironing out some of the finer rules, but it goes something like this:

1. One car is designated ĎThe Sheriffí and starts several feet back from the start grid. The other cars start on the grid as per normal.

2. The Sheriff tries to bump the other cars. When tagged, that car is Ďdeputizedí and becomes a Sheriff car as well. Any contact, intentional or otherwise, constitutes a tag.

3. The first car to complete 10 laps without being tagged wins. *If all cars are tagged then the driver with the most tags wins.

4. The winner is The Sheriff for the next Hot Pursuit.

5. Any car may run/chase or sit and wait. All cars must move in the direction of the track. No chasing against the flow of traffic.

* Alternate: If all cars are tagged, then the last car tagged wins.
Weíre debating this rule. Which way sounds best?

Canít wait for the Core System to arrive. Then weíll see some endurance racing.
(A few more pics on next page too)

Dusty Weasle
2005.08.29, 02:27 AM
And a last few pictures: