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2005.08.27, 10:51 PM
hey whatsup im new to mini z racer ive been messin around with xmods for a while now and i was impressed by the mini z. i didnt really want to get another on road so i looked at the monster and i really like it. i have several questions. first, how is the top speed and torque on the stock monster? ie: wheelie? second, what motor would work well on stock fets with a lithium system. last, could someone suggest a good site for mini z monster upgrades from the manufacturer? and also what upgrades do i need besides lith ions and a motor?

sorry about all teh questions!

2005.08.28, 02:59 AM
I don't know much about lithiums, but i think you may need to upgrade the fets. The first info bar above has the word 'search'. Click on it and run some searches on lithiums and fets to be sure.

2005.08.28, 03:16 PM
You could run it stock with lithiums no problem fets have nothing to do with powers sources. fets deal with the motor and the amps it draws.

2005.08.28, 03:22 PM
The stock motor should be upgraded. I like the Speedy NM or Atomic Stock motor. They have great torque. I would not run Li-Ions and a powerful stock fet motor together with stock fets. Li-Ions and a speedy BB should be ok with a low tooth pinion (9/10). Running with just lithiums will add more strain to the fets, but shouldnt be a problem. It is when you run lithiums in combination with a more powerful motor, when you will have problems.

I plan to mod my monster with Li-Ions, so Ill see what it can do with the stock fets before I replace them and upgrade the motor to a very hot motor.

I would suggest bearings, upgrading the shock towers to alloy, and getting oil shocks as three of the most important upgrades.

2005.09.03, 11:44 PM
hey guys, i new to this forum too. jhick, you know me from xmodrc forums. i started out on xmods, and then wanted a rc capable of running over the stuff in my house, and i chose the mzm. i learned quite alot in the 3 weeks or so ive had it. right now its stock, i have an Atomic Stock motor that i havent put in yet for fear of frying the fets if the car stalls or something. could they fry if i put in that motor? i do alot of climbing and such.

jhick- a stock one cant pop wheelies, even with the lowest (9t) pinion, unless u go in reverse first and then punch the forward. for motors, use what the guys above said, or i guess a prostock would work. bearings would be another good upgrade, atomicmods has em. for manufacturer hopups, try ******, theyve got tons.

2005.09.04, 12:11 AM
I am going to try an Atomic Stock BB motor in my MZM. Ill give it a good workout and see if the FETs fry. If I dont respond with a "they fried", then dont worry. I am going to try running a 12t pinion.

Welcome to the forums.