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2005.08.28, 07:42 PM
I have something going on 2 week-ends from now, so if any body is up for racin again this week-end (09-03-05) let me know. I can't imagine not getting use of the clubhouse by then, so that's where i'm planning to hold it. Otherwise it will be 3 week-ends befor i can join in on any racing, or 1 month with our current every-other-weekend schedule.

2005.08.28, 09:38 PM
Here's a pic of my planned practice track that will be put up in my dinning room. It may change a little when i actually start doin it if the wife thinks it's too much. She's already said to go ahead and do it, but once it starts to go up and she see's how much room it will take up, she may ask me to make it smaller. We'll see later tonight after i move some furniture around. ;) This will hopefully allow me to dial in my cars and my skills for the next race.

Dusty Weasle
2005.08.30, 12:04 AM
Heck yeah, Iím up for Saturday the 3rd! Donít want to go too long between races. Letís definitely get that clubhouse though. 110deg is just too much.

2005.08.30, 01:53 AM
I am most likely in! The last race was a great time. Dusty do you have the schematic of our 4L track from Saturday? Want it for our website.

2005.08.30, 02:25 AM
Awright, I'll get the clubhouse secured for this week-end, even if i have to camp out on the porch of the lady that handles the clubhouse. :D

Dusty Weasle
2005.08.30, 04:51 AM
Iíve got a render of the track layout over on this page, DM:
If youíd rather have a directly top-down render I can make one of those.

Saiyan, if you could, let me know the dimensions of the clubhouse along with any obstacles we may need to deal with. Maybe even snap a picture of the place. That way I can start on a design that will fit the space.

Donít worry about dropping off the extra track pieces from Saturday. Iíll just collect them after the next GTG. Thereís no way Iíd get to use them before the 3rd anyway. Busy, busy.

BTW, I have hi-res logos for Vodafone, Bridgestone, Shell, Michelin, Pirelli, and Allianz made for the wall banners (see image, but much bigger and no compression). I doubt I'll get to print them before Saturday, but soon.

2005.08.30, 01:26 PM
Those wall banners are gonna be awsome on the track. Let me know when you're ready to print those up, cause i want some for my track and i'll go in on the cost with ya no problem.

i'll be taliking to them shortly and will get the dimensions of the biggest room. If i can get a look of it befor hand i'll snap some pics.

2005.09.01, 06:37 PM
:eek: AWRIGHT!!!! :D I finally got a hold of someone who cares, and we have use of the clubhouse this Saturday. :cool: I'll be taking a look at it either tonight if i get off work soon enough or tomarrow. Dusty, i'll let you know what the rough square footage is. I wear a size 13 shoe so i'll 'walk it' and tell ya what i get. Racin in the A/C !! I can't wait, it will be so COOL!!! :D

Dusty Weasle
2005.09.03, 01:26 AM
Whatís the word on the clubhouse. What time should we show up, and where exactly is it?

Any dimensions on the room yet? I measured the track so I have a more accurate model to design from now. The initial model was close, but a tad small.

Iím trying to figure a way to get my truck size 2 Wide Lís into my Mini-96 size economy car for transport.

2005.09.03, 03:09 AM
Well, here's the deal......i screwed up and forgot to call him tonight.

Here's the excuse....i got called in to work unexpectedly to help out one of the guys who was just overloaded with deliveries. I was supposed to call him after 7pm and i didn't get home and see my track and then immediately remember to call him until it was 9:30. I would say 80% of the residents here are retirees, so i thought it was too late to call.

The fix....I have use of the clubhouse tomarrow and then again in 2 weeks, i just don't have a good measurement of the inside. I'll be calling him first thing in the morning around 8am to get the keys and was planning to be over there settin up my half of the track by around 10am. At wich point i'll be runnin sprints back and forth on it like a rallye race. I'll get to know my half of the track real well ;) :D .

Lucky for me, all i have to do is load my boxes onto my dolly and wheel them over there :) . I'm open for anytime to start racin. You guys are more then welcome to show up when ever and can just practice until everyone shows.

The rough safe guestimate on the dimensions of the main room is 30'x30'. Though i think it's closer to 35'x35'. I walked along the walls with my size13 shoes heal to toe and after multiplying 32 steps times 13.25" i came up with 35'. My bottom floor is about 32 1/2' and i think it's several feet deeper. Plan for 30' cause we can alway stretch the long straight and shorten 1 of the shorter straights if we feel that we need to. The last track you designed for last weeks racin was 30' on the long side and just over 18' wide, so there should be plenty of room either way.

Dusty, i could probably come up and get your track in the morning and then take it back over to your house after we're done for the night. My wife wants me to figure some other way of storing my track pieces so that they're not in "those crappy looking boxes", so i'll be lookin into some plastic bins wich will be individually smaller and easier to move around.

Dusty Weasle
2005.09.03, 05:10 AM
Didnít see your latest post until after I made a design. I erred on the side of small so itís only 15íx20, but we can add tiles to extend straights. Thereís a couple spots where Iím using Apex blanks to make wider radius corners. I think itíll work, I donít have a space uncluttered enough here to actually test fit.

As-is it only uses three Wide Lís and one Apex blank from a fourth L. If the experiment doesnít work we can always use the corners as per normal.

Itís already late and wee early mornings are not my friend. Iíll try to be there between 10-11:00am though.

Donít worry about picking up the track here, gas prices are too crazy-go-nuts and thatís a lot of backtracking. Iíll figure something out. I can likely get them both in my Wifeís land yacht, I just hate driving it. And then sheíd be left with my car, which I also donít like. She drives my little Sentra like itís a freakiní V8. Never feels right after sheís flung it about the road, and the seats all pushed up into the steering wheel. Probably gives it cooties too.

2005.09.03, 11:01 AM
"Okay gentleman, the blacktop for today is 10,000'...........".

:eek: I HAVE KEYS!! :D Dusty, I'll see around the time you get here ;) . I have already started the :) A/C :) and i did verify that the space is 35' deep by around 30-32' wide. The entrance splits the East wall with an identicle set of double doors on the West wall. The South wall is broken with a fairly large fireplace jutten out about 3 1/2 ' in the middle with a door on eachside for another room that is about 35' deep by 15-20' wide with some small tables and a pool table and couches. The North wall is solid from East to West for about 20' or so and then there is a tiny 'kitchen' with a refridgerater and a door leading into a hall for the seperate mens and womens bathrooms and saunas. And another room that is about 25'x15' with 2 pool tables and a ping-pong table and some chairs. There are plenty of chairs and table through out the clubhouse that we could have 20+ racers pitting in the building with out feeling cramped. :cool:

Oh and the Wife just basically gave me permission to get another RCP track. :D

Dusty Weasle
2005.09.04, 05:46 AM
We had a loooong day of racing in the air conditioned comfort of Saiyanís clubhouse. The place is huge with a large central room that easily fit our four RCPís. Even a pool out back that Derek ran his R/C boat in.

Itís late now and Iím just too exhausted to edit pictures from the night. In fact my eyes are still drifting in circles, chasing the images of cars glowing on my retinas.

I did process one image, so let this provide anticipation for the rest: Last week we thought our cars had a lot of RCP track dust on them. Ha! Check this out (see attached image).

Dusty Weasle
2005.09.05, 03:33 AM
Here are more pictures from Mini-AZís day in the clubhouse. I have some video too that Iíll post on Tuesday.

The image ďClubPano.jpgĒ is a series of four pictures Iíve stitched together to show the whole room at once. I couldnít get it to seam up perfectly, but its close enough. The white blur is Derekís Subaru appearing in different frames. Look closely at image left to see his car in mid-traction roll.

2005.09.05, 04:11 AM
Ya, it was a long day, but well worth it :D . Digitalmafia had to leave early for family reasons, but fun was had by all. I got some much needed practice :o and was able to determine that some of my cars need more tweakin to be race worthy. ;)

The original design for the layout by dustyweasel was cool, but for a smaller area and we were able to add a chicane and lenthen one side giving us a fairly large layout. Lots of great turns (once i got them down) and some speedy straights. Great track to be racing on, now if we could just get some more people to race with us.

I got some pics too of the race track, though they're kinda on the dark side. Check my gallery and look in the 'Phoenix GTG' folder.

Dusty Weasle
2005.09.07, 12:24 AM
A few videos from Saturdayís races in the clubhouse.


2005.09.07, 01:56 AM
Is there something i'm not getting? I can't get to the vids, i keep getting error pages. :(

Dusty Weasle
2005.09.07, 05:06 AM
Maybe something in your browser settings? You should be able to click on it to play directly, or ĎSave Target Así to copy it to your hard drive. It may take a few minutes to load.

Maybe try typing the address directly into your browser.

Theyíre in Quicktime format, I assume you have that installed.

2005.09.07, 12:42 PM
I have the latest and greatest version of quicktime. I tried right clicking and 'save target as...', but it sais that it cannot download the movie and that the 'FTP' session has been terminated.

Copying and pasting the link to the address bar still gets me an error page and i tried 'refresh' but still no go. :(

Dusty Weasle
2005.09.07, 02:42 PM
Odd, I can get to it. Try maually going to ftp.rainbowstudios.com and navigate to the Misc directory. Maybe you'll be able to get to it that way.

2005.09.07, 03:27 PM
Well when i click on that link it tells me i don't have access to that 'folder' and that the action was terminated. Are these links to items on your hard drive? If so i wouldn't be able to access them unless you were connected on line and i was a hacker ;) . What's up with the 'ftp' at the start of the link? Usually i see an 'http'? Anyway i was there so i guess i don't really need to see it. Almost all the other links you post i seem to have a problem with so maybe it's my computer :rolleyes: . I was wanting to send my dad in Florida an email with all the links from all the vids and pics we've done, but i'll just figuer something else out.

2005.09.07, 03:32 PM
I have been able to get the videos. You guys have a great setup going. I enjoy your videos and pictures.


2005.09.07, 04:44 PM
Well then i guess it's my computor. :rolleyes:

Dusty Weasle
2005.09.07, 10:50 PM
Thanks Brian. The race videos have to be locked-off tripod shots, but I tried some handheld happy-fun-cam stuff during practice this time.

I put the files on my workís public FTP site, so it shouldnít be denying access. Thereís something wacky with your PC. Iíll have to ask IT if they have any ideas. Go ahead and send your Dad the links, heíll likely be able to download them.

Dusty Weasle
2005.09.10, 01:34 AM
:) :) :) We have a Lap Counter and 12 transponders! :) :) :)

At our next GTG we can load it up on DMís laptop. In the meantime Iíll be looking for an inexpensive laptop for itís permanent home.

100 lap enduro, here we come! (Based on last weekís track, that would be about a 25min race).

2005.09.10, 07:54 AM
:) :) :) We have a Lap Counter and 12 transponders! :) :) :)

At our next GTG we can load it up on DMís laptop. In the meantime Iíll be looking for an inexpensive laptop for itís permanent home.

100 lap enduro, here we come! (Based on last weekís track, that would be about a 25min race).

We typically run a 100 lap race on our 3 wide L's, it takes about 16-18 minutes. you should do a 1 hr. enduro, with a manditory pit stop.

We will be running our enduro on the 15th of this month and that is what we have planned. good luck with the timing system, I'm sure you will love it, I know I really like mine.

Keep us updated.


2005.09.10, 09:41 AM
the longest race i have is 15minutes. that feels like a very long time when your racing. i could not imagine running for an hour....

2005.09.10, 10:12 AM
the longest race i have is 15minutes. that feels like a very long time when your racing. i could not imagine running for an hour....

that's the whole point of an enduro, isn't it? :eek:

2005.09.10, 01:36 PM
the longest race i have is 15minutes. that feels like a very long time when your racing. i could not imagine running for an hour....

Our one hour one wasn't so bad...

Now the 90 minutes one, THAT made me tired. :p

2005.09.12, 02:13 PM
A 90min race would be just insane! :p I think i'll start out small and work my way up to 90min.

Lookin forward to racin this week-end at the clubhouse with the new core system dustyweasel got.

Dusty Weasle
2005.09.15, 04:54 AM
Good news- Iíve plugged the Core system into my PC. Everything installed easily and it was up and running in under five minutes! With the loop sitting loosely on the floor next to cables and a metal chair, I swiped a transponder across several inches away by hand and it nailed every pass. Should handle something as low as a Z easily.

Now all I have to do is get my new Laptop to see the internet so I can install it properly on that systemÖ because Iím not hauling my PC tower and 21Ē CRT around. A minor technical glitch Iím sure. Iíll see if our IT guys at work can hash it out for me tomorrow.

2005.09.15, 05:03 PM
Okay, i have Saturday rental of the clubhouse for sure. I've already paid for it and tomarrow sometime i get the keys. So everything is a go for Saturday. The b-day party should finish by 2pm (hopefuly) and then the race track biuld-off can start with racing shortly there after. Too bad digitalmafia can't be there for this event. :D

Dusty Weasle
2005.09.16, 03:41 AM
Victory! The laptop sees the router, the router sees the modem, the modem sees the internet. Drivers updated. The laptop sees Core, Core sees the transponder. Everything works. (Whereís the emoticon for collapsing in emotional exhaustion)

The problem was, as is so often with computers, between the chair and the keyboard. When network hardware is connected in the correct order, it tends to work as designed.


And my new alloy wheels have arrived today! Just in time as the old plastic set was hanging on through shear cartoon physics.

2005.09.16, 05:15 AM
....The problem was, as is so often with computers, between the chair and the keyboard. ....
this is sooo true. :p glad to hear you got it working and your ready to be on the move if need be :)

Dusty Weasle
2005.09.17, 05:02 AM
Hereís the design for tomorrowís race. It was a last minute scramble to put it together.

Batteries are charging, and the RCP is assembled and loaded into every open inch of my Sentra. It looks like the scene from Demolition Man when the safety foam deploys in Stalloneís car.

Iím very sleepy.

See yaí all tomorrow.

Dusty Weasle
2005.09.19, 07:11 PM
Hereís a few shots from our 9/17 GTG. I forgot my tripod so the shots are hand-held and I didnít get any of the racing this time, but you can see the layout and some of the toys that were present.

(GauntletPano.jpg was assembled from several images to show the whole track. thus the odd bends in some areas).

The Core lap counter was fantastic and worked great. Not much to see as itís very compact and unobtrusive. One picture shows the transponder being installed into an Audi, and you can see it in place in the McLaren picture since my windows were knocked out.


2005.09.21, 11:27 PM
Wow-bet the core system was fun :(
Cant wait till the next one!

2005.09.22, 12:42 AM
Ya you missed out on some :D KRAZY :eek: FUN :D DM. But i'm sure you'll catch up at the next GTG.

Dusty Weasle
2005.09.22, 05:30 AM
It was great fun running with the lap counter DM. Looking forward to putting one of those transponders on your F1.

Iíve been working on a custom UI for the lap counter. Attached is a picture of the main background as it stands so far. The logo in the center is for the points series we can run now (the ĎNet compression obscures it, but those dots are metallic fleck).

Iíve also been changing out the softly mumbled stock voice with a voice from that AT&T synthetic speech generator. It will also call out fast laps and lead changes. I set up my 2 Lís in the driveway this evening and tested it with the new voice and it worked great. Too bad it feels like August outside again.

Though on vacation, I wonít be available this weekend for racing. But I should be available for the regular schedule next weekend. Iíd also like to see the AZGT points series start. I have a format in mind, more on that later.

BTW, you guys still have the transponders, so be sure to bring them with you to the next GTG. Also, please list the cars you plan to run so I can set up the Core voices for those models.

2005.09.22, 10:15 AM
your Core Screen Background is really impressive. in fact all of the effects that you add to your photos are great. I think my favorite was the nascar ants. :p

I really like you logo that you designed for your championship series.

keep up the good work.

2005.09.24, 05:50 PM
:D Well here's the lay out of the innaugaraul(sp?) D.R.T.C.C. race event. :D

It's a 2-day open practice event with some furious compititions happening.

I sent everyone an e-mail about comming over and runnin your cars. :cool:

2005.09.26, 11:25 AM
Well, i had fun and was able to tune some of my chassis better, but only dink showed up and even then we spent most of the time playing Forza. I'm gonna leave it up for another day or to befor i take it down and bring the kitchen table back in from the patio.

Dusty Weasle
2005.09.27, 04:16 AM
Sorry I missed that. I bet corner marshalling was tricky. Amazing how much room even 1:28 takes up. ;) I would barely be able to put up one Wide L in my dining room.

We just got back from the Mogollon Rim. 60deg, wind in the trees, and no smell of fast food dumpsters rotting in the scorching heat.

While I was away my new Lambo Merc finally arrived at Frankís. Picked it up today. Very nice, but stripped a screw while trying to remove that titanium I-beam sealed in a stasis field that Kyosho passes off as a T-plate. So, itís a bit on the loose side for now, but looks great. The McLaren is still my primary though, and good to go.

2005.09.28, 12:54 AM
Well the cornermartialing was easy enough since i was the only one for most of it ;) . When dink showed up we were only on it for a short while and ended up playing Forza on the X-box for most of the time he was over :cool: . I did take the opportunity to tune some of my other chassis and to pull the PN Speedy motor out and drop in an x-speed. The PN was definately ready for a cleaning and i also lubed the bearings befor i put it in my motor box. I was also able to utilize part of the track for some back ground shots of that VW i custome painted. I'm also in the middle of re-configuering 1 of my 02s into an MM chassis and will be trying out both my Murc' and my Scaglietti bodies out. I think i'll be getting the Marenello GT body for it eventually. I also wouldn't mind havin the Gulf McClaren autoscale for the MM chassis too. :cool:

2005.09.28, 12:16 PM
Hey Guys,

Sorry I have been absent-my engineering team is on a major death march (working sundays for the next month). Are we gonna try to race this weekend? Cant wait to try my F1, its just sitting on my desk looking beautiful-it needs some scratches ala Derek ;)


2005.09.28, 12:30 PM
Ya thar be races this Saturday :D . I already have the clubhouse reserved and paid for and Friday night i should have the key. If we stick to dusty's race schedule then hopefully i can have my part of the track done Friday night so that it will be easier come saturday morning. Can't wait to see the F1 perform, maybe you'll be able to dodge dink's attacks with it's great handling. ;)

Hey DM do you have any pics of the F1?

2005.09.30, 11:58 AM
Here are some pics of the chassis i'll be playing with. The MR02 will still be the 1 i use for the actual race events. I'm excited about trying out the IW02 MM as i've not really raced this pod set up. The Marlboro Enzo i had befor never saw any track time (i didn't have my RCP tracks yet).

2005.09.30, 07:07 PM
nice chassis's :) that is some serious coin put into those ;)

2005.09.30, 07:43 PM
Well, except for a few GPM pieces on the MR02 and the topcad wheels from din ball, it's all iwaver alloy. So it really isn't that much, but it sure does pretty them up. :D I really watch for the deals and try to snag em when they show up. Thanks for the praise. :cool:

2005.09.30, 09:32 PM
I am in for saturday racing. Got a few people coming to watch n investigate our hobby :) Havent taken any pics of the f-1 yet but we will get some tomorrow !
I will probably be there 11:30 ish (ya ya I know always missing set up -lol)
Cant wait missed the last one!


Dusty Weasle
2005.09.30, 10:59 PM
Hereís the design for Round 1 and 2 of the AZGT Championship. It used all but four pieces of standard 4ĎLí set. This should be an easy track really. Only minor technical hurdles compared to some weíve done, so a good easy starter to the series. Iíd set your cars up for sustained speed.

Be sure and top off those batteries. Once your car enters the track for Qualifying, no battery changes until after the race start.

Also remember to bring the transponders from last week.

In reality Iíd bet we wonít be ready to begin Practice at 11:00 sharp, so I doubt youíll miss much practice time DM. Early mornings are not my friend either. I just set an early start time to be sure everyone could get both rounds of points racing in.

2005.09.30, 11:36 PM
Cool, i'll get started on my part of it 1st thing in the morning. I moved our "pit tables" and the chairs out from the middle of the room and turned on the A/C units, so it should be nice in there tomarrow. :cool: