View Full Version : RCP - New 45 Degree Tiles, Large Radius Turns and Bumps

Ken Mifune
2005.09.02, 10:02 PM
RCP will be releasing some new stuff:
45 degree tiles, large radius turns and bumps.

1) The new track kits will contain enough pieces to make both layouts
shown in attachment 1 and 2.
2) The 45 degree sections can be combined to make long 45 degree lengths.
3) The off road jumps will be made from similar EVA foam, but the
attachment to the tile has not been confirmed.
4) The large radius turns will be sold in kits of multiple sets and will
contain everything needed to convert small radius inside turn into large
radius inside turn.

We should see these new products available here in the US sometime
late Sept/ early October. Possible debut at Ihobbyexpo October in Los Angeles.

Haven't played with my files in a while so I had to model some CG lay outs.

2005.09.02, 10:15 PM
very professional graphics as usual :D thanks for the new update!

2005.09.02, 11:02 PM
will these be available for the mini tile tracks also?

2005.09.02, 11:03 PM
what is your guess as to
$$$ and time of additional tiles and in mini 96 size

2005.09.03, 12:00 AM
I will be getting some of these, I can't wait

I wish they were doing a large radius ourside turn also. :(


2005.09.03, 01:07 AM
Can't wait :D

2005.09.03, 01:21 AM
Ya, this is gonna allow for some KRAZY KEWL layouts. I've seen some awsome layouts here in the forums and they'll only get better. :D

2005.09.03, 07:35 AM
I could have used both the wide corners and the 45's. I'll have to contact RCP for those.


2005.09.03, 08:49 AM
very nice stuff, now if only i had the money for my own rcp =(

2005.09.05, 12:33 PM
gonna be sold in kits like the Wide L? also are they going to be in the track builder soon?

Ken Mifune
2005.09.06, 11:02 PM
...I wish they were doing a large radius ourside turn also.I usually stick down some discs with foam tape. I'll eventually do some astro-turf.

All the info I know about the new track additions is in my first post. I'm sure updates are just around the corner. (no pun intended.)

Dusty Weasle
2005.09.07, 01:06 AM
Thatís similar to what our Phoenix club (Mini-AZ) does, Mifune. I like the AstroTurf idea, might implement that in the near future. Iím working on wall banners right now.

Hereís a picture from one of our tracks. We used Apex tiles to link sections together so itís a standard outside corner on one side of the track and a wide apex on the other side. Makes for fun high speed curves.

Losi Corner Dots are used to define the corners. We also sometimes put them along sharp apexes to act as curbing to help keep the car off the wall. Only trouble is they are just tall enough to get high centered if you get slow over one.

I definitely need those 45deg sections. Much better than using up all the Corners to make a 45.

2005.09.07, 03:33 AM
It would be KEWL if they could sell them in a kit form. Like a box of 2 45* turns for $X amount. I don't know if i could talk the wife into another wide 45 track just for a couple of corners. She did say i could buy a 3rd Wide L, but i don't know if i could wait that long to get the wide 45. :o :D

2005.09.07, 03:29 PM
I'm with Saiyan, these need to be sold in individual kits (for those of us that already have tracks) and in Complete track Kits like the wide "L".

Ken Mifune
2005.09.07, 06:49 PM
Posting requests to this thread is good. RCP Track representatives frequent these fora.

It's my guess that the break down is like this...

45 Degree section:
- Two 45 degree tiles with rail pieces
- Two blank tiles
Maybe one kit would include two 45 Degree sections.

I'm merely speculating so don't take my word for it.

2005.09.22, 10:44 AM
Anyone have any more infomation on when these are going to be available? I'm hoping soon.


2005.09.22, 12:12 PM
All the new stuff is being manufactured now. It will be here in the US, October along with a new shipment of Mini-96 and expansion kits.

We are making some tall one piece PINS for those that want to double up the rails. They will be available with extra side rails.

We are making available some Mini-96 rail expansion kits for those that want to convert their short rail to tall rail. The kit will contain 72 straights, 12 inside and 12 outside corner tall rails + a complete set of tall PINS.

We will have samples of all the new stuff at the Ihobbyexpo, Los Angeles in October. At this show we will be giving away some free tracks each day.

2005.09.22, 12:34 PM
will you have kits with just the 45 degree sections? and large inside radius? I already have 5 of the wide L tracks and would just like to be able to add the 45 degree sections and wide inside corners to my existing tracks.

Are these available for pre-order?

thanks for the info.


2005.09.22, 10:39 PM
...we will be giving away some free tracks each day.

remember me??? would you mind sending some over??? i'm just dying to try out your tracks... :D :D if ever, it'll be the first rcp track here in the philippines... :D :D :D
you would definnitely make a lot of guys happy if you do... :D :D :D

2005.09.23, 12:13 AM
We will have samples of all the new stuff at the Ihobbyexpo, Los Angeles in October. At this show we will be giving away some free tracks each day.

Is there a site up for the Ihobbyexpo? Wouldn't mind checking it out, it's only a 6 hr drive from Phoenix. :D

2005.09.23, 01:03 AM

One Wide L going to the Philippines via USPS.
Max Girth + longest side requirements is 79"
Each Wide L would need to be packed into 4 seperate smaller boxes.
Economy Parcel Post 4 to 6 week delivery
Price $125 shipping + MZR shop cost for each Wide L.

2005.09.23, 04:25 AM
One Wide L going to the Philippines via USPS.

really??? waaaa hooooo :D :D :D

it would've been great to end at that... till i saw the price at the bottom hehehe...
how many wide l's can you ship for 125? or is that just for one wide l?
hmm... will there be a tracking number, or insurance?

thanks for the quote... :D

2005.09.23, 05:08 AM
so, did anyone take any pictures at the ihobbexpo?

2005.09.23, 11:10 AM
so, did anyone take any pictures at the ihobbexpo?
It doesn't take place until next month.

2005.09.23, 11:18 AM
I noticed that as well ;)


2005.09.23, 11:45 AM
I noticed that as well ;)

:o opps, wrong month... only glanced at the site and noticed the days.... :o

2005.09.23, 10:32 PM
Hey RCPMini-Z -

I have 2 mini-96 sets and would like tall rails for both sets. What's the easiest way to order them these days?

2005.11.04, 06:26 AM
I saw pictures of TNB of iHobby Expo 2005, but I didn't see the 45* tiles or anything else of the new tiles, any news, images on it plz?

2005.11.04, 09:11 AM
We used both the new 45's and large radius inside turns at the PN Worlds Event. They worked great and the drivers enjoyed the addition. They will be available for sale later next week.

2005.11.04, 02:14 PM
later next week at the shop? I guess i'll hold my order off for a few days then... what kind of package / price will be offered.... if it is too steep i'll get my order of those closer to xmas and call it a present :D

2005.11.05, 01:29 AM
Here is a photo from the PNWC.


2005.11.05, 04:26 AM
That is really cool! I'll have to adjust my track editor. Have you seen it btw, it is in another thread...

2005.11.05, 03:14 PM
HaCo, you should add a link to the thread with your track editor to your sig. It is really cool. Cannot wait to see the update including the 45 deg and wide inside corners.

2005.11.06, 02:43 PM
HaCo, you should add a link to the thread with your track editor to your sig. It is really cool. Cannot wait to see the update including the 45 deg and wide inside corners.

Ok, I added it to my signature :)

In attachement you can see 2 things:
1) I've added Wide Turn, this is result.
2) I don't completely understand the 45į straight lines. How many different tiles are there? A, B and C I see differences. An exploded view of these different tiles would be usefull, or if you can explain other way...

2005.11.06, 04:19 PM
well there are 2 different 45 degree flat tiles, and then the two different 45 degree short rails and a short straight rail.

See the attached drawings for reference.

Right now I'm in the process of designing Track Layouts for RCP tracks. so there will be standard tracks for everyone to run on. they will be broken down by series # ,and track #. for example series # 1 might be 2 wide L kits, and series 2 might be 3 wide L kits. there will be a alot of different configurations with the # of available track kits. Wide "L", Wide Oval, Kyosho America. then add in the addition of the wide inside corner. there will be hundreds of different layouts available to everyone.


2005.11.07, 05:17 PM
I gotta say that i love RCP tracks. I have just way too much fun racing on them. These new corners will add some new twists to the possible layout designs and should prove to spicen it up a bit. I know they plan to release a wide 45 track, but i also hope they can sell just 'corner packages' for those of us who already have some RCPs and just want to expand on them some. Their customer service is great and i can't imagine they wouldn't set something up for existing owners.

2005.11.07, 05:38 PM
I know they plan to release a wide 45 track, but i also hope they can sell just 'corner packages' for those of us who already have some RCPs and just want to expand on them some. Their customer service is great and i can't imagine they wouldn't set something up for existing owners.I'm sure John @ RCP Tracks will take care of you, he's very good at supporting previous customers. :D
He just gets very busy and can take some time responding to correspondence. ;)

2005.11.07, 10:51 PM
:cool: Ya i already sent him an e-mail this morning. Hopefully we can work something out. I would also like to just get some straights so that i can have a Wide 96. Some more corner pieces though would help emmensely when we biuld our 4 wide L tracks for our GTGs. ;) :)

2005.12.02, 12:20 AM
today I received my 6 wide inside corners and 2 of the 45 degree kits. I also received my expansion pack. I can tell you all that they look great and I look forward to setting up a track soon and giving them a real test.

I got a set of the bumps and jumps too. they are made of foam similar in material to the rails. they have an adhesive backing so you can stick them to some of the pieces and you trade them out as you need to, these will be great for the overlands and Mosters.

I'm going to be able to make some huge tracks with the 5 wide L's and all the new stuff. Now, if I only had a place big enough to set it all up. :( I guess that will have to wait until summer.

I'll get some pictures and some video up when I get some time. With all the HFAY setup and my day job, plus I'm finishing an apartment on the side. my time will be spread pretty thin.

Good Thing I'll be done with that by the end of the year, just in time to start our Club winter series, and the HFAY Points Series. :) Stay tuned


2005.12.02, 01:09 AM
wow... that must have been one sweet package to open up... Can't wait to see some pictures, especially of the bumps and such, I didn't hear about anything like that being released.

2005.12.02, 08:56 AM
wow... that must have been one sweet package to open up... Can't wait to see some pictures, especially of the bumps and such, I didn't hear about anything like that being released.

check out post # 1 in this thread, there is a computer rendering of them. they are just like what is shows. I'll try and get some photos of everything this weekend.


2005.12.02, 07:40 PM
mine should be arriving saturday ;) :D

2005.12.02, 10:30 PM
any idea if they've got this in the 30cm tiles as well?

2005.12.02, 10:40 PM
First shipment only 50cm 45's and large radius inside corners. 30cm versions in the near future, if demand is high.

I am working on something special for early to mid 2006. Stay tuned. :)

2005.12.02, 10:51 PM
First shipment only 50cm 45's and large radius inside corners. 30cm versions in the near future, if demand is high.

I am working on something special for early to mid 2006. Stay tuned. :)

That makes sense. Keep us posted if you end up doing the 30cm.

Something special for next year eh? any hints for us??? :p

2005.12.03, 02:08 AM
here are the pics as promised.


2005.12.03, 02:09 AM
and some more

2005.12.03, 02:14 AM
Christmas came early and (Thank You John) I have a big box of mini tile high rails and 45 degree kits with some wide inside corner rails sitting at my front door! With the 3 Wide L sets, 2 mini 96 sets, core lap timer, and about 80 blanks I already have, I'll have some wild tracks to set up. II can find the space to put it, I'll also do some video.

I made some special sections that seemlessly connect the 50 and 30 cm tile kits which I need to post pics of also. Stay tuned.

Great stuff RCP, Thanks again. :D :D :D

2005.12.03, 06:04 PM
I find that the 45* tiles looks really weird.... I guess that as long as it modular we will never get the coolness of a handmade course. I'm glad that there are more options for the RCP... I doubt I will be getting any though, no one complains about the track... so if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

2006.01.19, 10:41 AM
I am kind of bumed RCP did not do the 45' closer to the ideas I sent them, it would have blended in better.

But oh well :)

This is another shot of that sketch since the other renders aparently confused people, in the size and pattern.

My concept, would have also been useable as the wide curve!
It only added 4 new wall cut shapes, the 3 white lengths, and the red (all the red parts are same but flipped over).
It only added 5 new track mat shapes, left 45 inner, right 45 inner, left 45 outer, right 45 outer, and the diagonal wall.


2006.01.19, 12:11 PM
Looks great Drac. I don't remember seeing these drawings before. I like how the 45's flow through the corners and that you can use two of the sections to create the large radius inside turn.

We would need to build new cutting tools for 5 tiles and 5 rails in order to make this work. We would also need to ship the track tiles in bigger boxes, as some of your tiles extend past the standard square dimensions of the RCP tile.

As you probably know, cutting tools are very expensive to build and where most of the initial cost to manufacture custom EVA foam tiles comes from. Although it will be expensive, I may be willing to spend the extra money to make cutting tools for your designs. Can you contact me offline to discuss?

2006.01.19, 07:31 PM
great cad work Drac... it does flow really smooth.

2006.01.19, 09:07 PM
Yea I was wondering about the cut patterns, in the email I sent the original renders in, (I would hazard a guess and say over a year ago?!). I mentioned weather or not that would effect it or not. Maybe my memory is making things up again, but I thought I got a reply saying it might work better for the 96 tiles since they are smaller... or something (maybe it was some one else I was talking too). I feel rounded corners are a MUST on the 96.. since ppl will ride the wall more often :).

I feel the current 45 have advantage by making the track tiles easier and lower cost... mine was supose to give the advantage to making less wasted red foam... from cutting out so many different curves.. its only one that flips over. and If I recall its the same radius/diameter as the main outer curve? -- that might not be the case its been a while since I made these, I might have changed it a little bit to look/fit better.

any way ill fire off an email...

2006.01.21, 12:28 PM
it is just too bad John, that you couldn't get as asthetically pleasing of a turn with the tools that were at hand... it doesn't look bad by any means but after seeing Drac's cad work, that is very much a smooth transition...

John, I had a quick question about the RCP track builder. Is the mini-96 track going to implemented soon? Are off-road jumps and bumps going to be offered as an option? Are the new 45* tiles going to be added soon as well?

It has been quite some time since the track builder has been updated and I would like very much to see version 2 or whatever you want to call it.

2006.01.21, 12:50 PM
I have no idea how the tiles are cut out, but I would guess that the main 45-straight-side (the triangle piece) would be the hardest since it sticks out on 2 sides and not just one. The other tiles only sick out on one side.. so it would depend on how the tiles are cut out weather the current cutting blades tools could be used. woudl depend on how much is actualy cut off.

I always pictured the factory making a jumbo bulk sheet, and then cutting maybe 4 or 6 tiles from it. Back when I originaly posted these (prolly a thread on here witha broken image somewere on the forum) I posted an image similar to this one, of how they could be oriented and cut out maybe.


2006.01.21, 01:12 PM
I do not recomend it be used this way, but this is another side effect to this concept...doing this would be havok trying to rejoin the ends when u get to other side of track.

I am just showing this to show the widt of the 45 route... and the cut pattern... the puzzle teeth on the 45, are just the same as the rest of the track.


2006.01.23, 11:51 AM
RCP I did send an email... just wondering if it was recieved.

2006.01.23, 12:04 PM
This was the thread I originaly posted this concept in, but it was just the raw 2D part... October 2004 :) So I am sure the emails were also sent around then too...

About half way down the first page, I started to attach images, instead of linking to them on my site (my site changed so the first few links dont work).


2006.02.18, 12:27 AM
I figured they look ok in the above images, but figured I should see what they would look like combined with some other tracks... they tend to leave a lot of open space in the center, but most track layouts wind up doing this any way... so no big deal I guess, the purpose is to avoid the constant 180's any way...

I figure if RCP were to produce and sell a 45 set using my design, he could sell it in the 45 Oval shown in this image... then it could also be used as a whole track on its own or something... should one club racer buy an L and another a 45 etc.. each would individualy still have their own track still.

It combines well with the standard Wide Oval track so I used that in the example...


2006.02.19, 11:07 AM

Gotta say you're the man...I've been reading up on the RCP track stuff since I am planning to buy a mini-96 and L very shortly. I love your ideas and you've got some CAD skillz. Anyway, good input.

2006.02.19, 12:10 PM
those would be some interesting tracks to race on, you would need lots of the 45į track kits to make them. great designs though.

2006.02.19, 05:45 PM
Drac those cads are awesine,,,, tge 45+45+o makes one hell of a track. Beats every track i've ever made with three wide Ls.... cool

2006.05.21, 08:13 AM
We recently started using 45 degree sections. Also, we have been using sweepers for about four or five months. Mike at Tom Thumb Hobbies has been very active in let us racers explore some new ideas and keep things interesting.

2006.05.21, 10:13 AM
So how long will it be till we see the 45's and sweepers for the mini tile tracks? That would make a wicked combo for the home tracks.

2006.05.28, 06:36 AM
Not sure when the 45s and sweepers will be released to the general public. All of the track parts came from RCP. Mike at Tom Thumb seens to have a pretty good relationship with RCP.

2006.05.28, 09:10 AM
i have both kits but then again i've been using rcp track from very early on. i thought they were already available?

2006.05.28, 11:24 AM
you can purchase them directly from RCP you will need to email John for price and availablilty, you can contact him through the RCP website. www.rcptracks.com

my understanding is you can get the following add in kits

1 wide inside radius corner kit. ( comes with enough tiles to covert 3 inside corners to the wide corners)

1 45* kit. (comes with everything you need to produce, a 2 section one way, or 1 section going one way, and one going the oppisite way)
you can also purchase any additional tiles that you may need to replace or would like to add to you tracks.

**currently these are available for the "wide" tracks only**

2006.05.29, 10:44 PM
So how long will it be till we see the 45's and sweepers for the mini tile tracks? That would make a wicked combo for the home tracks.

I am making 45's for the 30cm tracks and they will be on the next container shipment.

If there is a demand for the sweepers, I can make these as well.

Is there another addition to the tracks you would be interested in?

2006.05.30, 09:46 AM
I am making 45's for the 30cm tracks and they will be on the next container shipment.

If there is a demand for the sweepers, I can make these as well.

Is there another addition to the tracks you would be interested in?

RCPMini-z I own 2 of your Mini 96's and an expansion I would be interested in the 45's and sweepers, I would also like to get a set of high rail as I have one 96 with low rails and one with high. I love the track and me and DAMZer had it set up this weekend running our cars. i might also like another expansion to widen the complet track. Though the tight arteas keep us working on our skills.

2006.05.30, 10:38 AM
What is a sweeper?

I'm interested in the large radius turns (for 30cm), what would a kit cost?

2006.05.30, 06:47 PM
RCP, would it be possible to make a kit that would allow mating between the wide tiles and the mini tiles? I have limited space and like the ability to run larger/more cars (reason I got the wide kit), but when using at my apartment it would be nice to be able to add in a tighter area w/o buying an entire mini-96. People have aluded to the fact that they can join up but I'd rather get it direct from the source! My main difficulty is a tight area where I can only fit 2 lanes of the wide track (so about 6.5feet). This is only good for a U-turn, but with mini tiles I might get a bit more squeezed in. As it is I can fit the L version of the 45 degree kit but not the oval version.

Would also love to see a bridge!

Still loving the product, hoping to talk my friend into getting some so we can combine wide tracks and get a bunch of people racing.

2006.05.30, 07:01 PM
A Sweeper is the larger radius inside turn.

We can make a tile to convert from 50cm to 30cm and back to 50cm again, but the conversion locations would have to be in the same place, as the two tiles are not half size to each other, if you know what I mean. Since one is 30cm and the other 50cm, the grid would always be off a little if not converting at the same locations.

I don't see a problem making a conversion tile. We could make one side of straight rails with 30cm links and the opposite side with 50cm links.

One other option is to make some tiles with no PIN holes so you could join the track at any location by connecting the 30cm tiles to the side of the 50cm straights. See attached pictures for how this would work. I could make these tiles shown in the attached pictures with no PIN holes.

If anyone has a better solution, I am open to making it if it works better.

2006.05.30, 09:06 PM
Again like the 45 tiles I made a transition set concept as well.. that works so so.. would need 2 of each of the 2 diff connectors... depending when you get back to the other size track... see images.

2006.05.31, 03:18 PM
I had something like this in mind (see pic below). This design has 3 dif join tiles (bottom 2 are same), but I'm sure a little more design work could cut that to 2? My main issue is that I'm limited to the L version 45 degree kit in space due to the shape of my apartment. I've attached a pic of both my idea and of the space I have to work in. The next idea is to put the mini tiles on the large side and see what I can do with that.

I'm still glad I got the wide set for future use, but I'd like to mix it up a bit better for home use now, so this combo could be the best of both worlds!

EDIT: nice work drac, very slick.

EDIT2: looks like 24 straight tiles, 5 corners (in + out) and the adapter tiles.

2006.05.31, 04:27 PM
this is how I would see this adapter working buy modifing 50cm tile.

2006.05.31, 04:45 PM
Looks good brian, I like how you only need 2 adapter tiles. I was hoping with mine to be able to fit 3 lane widths of the mini tiles in width of 2 wide lanes (for absolute minimum space use), but I think yours would only fit 2.5 (ie. 5 tiles)? I think I do have enough side space to manage it with yours and still do my design but it would be shifted a bit.

We're looking at houses so I'd love for my space concerns to go moot, but maybe they can help other people with cramped space.

Total sideways to the topic, but its pretty funny that so many people have cad drawings of RCP, not to mention custom designed tiles :)

2006.05.31, 04:50 PM
to elaberate on my adapter concept...

The reason I did it my way was because both tiles 50 and 30 cm can be divided by 10cm.... so my adapter thing is 10cm long... and 10cm shifted to the side, this allows it to connect almost anywere using 4 of the adapters. If its off by 10cm you just swap the left and right adapter and it will shift it over, and if its off by 20cm you use 2 adapters as a 20cm long tile... there are less possitions were it would not match.. but there are still a few were it will not line up again. Also its just an adapter and does not really need to be a full 50cm tile... save on packing size etc... could possibly be a simple 20$ kit. The corners could be rounded, and extended to overlap the rails of the other tiles to make it less of a bump...

2006.05.31, 08:14 PM
I like Drac's 10cm concept, but I would like to make the transition on the 50cm tiles, so the conversion has a gradual angle transition from 100cm to 60cm. The 50cm conversion tile would be 60cm long to make up the 10cm. We could make 40cm mini straight tiles to make up the difference when bringing the track around 180 degrees back to the 50cm. You wouldn't need the 40cm mini straights if you go from 50cm to 30cm and back again in the same line. I will mess around with this theory later tonight and draw some ideas for your feedback.

2006.06.01, 12:17 AM
that is kinda what I would like to see, you wouldn't want to jump right down to the somaller tiles it would be to much of a road hazard. I would prefer a gradual taper, instead of an aprupt one.

2006.06.01, 12:39 AM
Those were old renders I made almost a year + old... So made a new render of what I was thinking recently...

The 40cm will just need more tiles and leave more tiles in the box unused when done... it will not re-join as easily as a 10cm pattern.

The overlapping section could be made longer...

2006.06.01, 01:51 AM
Is there another addition to the tracks you would be interested in?

If anything else, a track fence. I was running my Monsters on mine, they go good on it. Even with the taller rails they seem to like jumping it. I was thinking of something that attaches to the outside of the track to help hold them in. It can also serve to keep small dogs from running out onto the track chasing the cars.

2006.06.01, 10:25 AM
To further describe my concept... another render, had to make the other peices ;).

My system would now have the same 10cm adaptation ability with out needing more than about 2 of each of the left and right adapters... then it would also have a nice smooth 3 wide to 2 wide section for the 96 track that could be used with or with out the wide track. This way most of the tile surface can be used weather there are wide tracks used or not... although the 50cm long tiles could be used on a wide track as a squeeze section similar to slot car tracks.

These 3 to 2 wide sections use a standard mini tile wall, and a new red corner, used 4 times.. so only 2 new walls pieces to stock. The track tiles however require 4 or possibly 6 new tiles, depending on how nessessary the whole is on the one that is almost a hole tile, with just a piece of the corner missing... wich could just be a blank tile instead.

This also opens up some almost 45 degree type track concepts for the mini96... with some little zig zags etc... more use for the tiles that otherwise might just sit in the storage box...

2006.06.01, 10:38 AM
My Trans Concept mixed with my 45 concept...