View Full Version : IW02 MM 10 in 1 Alloy set@T E.com

2005.09.07, 01:21 AM
IW02 MM 10 in 1 Alloy set are on T E.com for $48.80, click under-->1/28 and then they are listed under the new item section. At first I thought this included the chassis set also but it doesn't actually say that it does? It would be a crazy deal if it did.


2005.09.07, 03:28 AM
Is that including shipping? I went on e b a y and baught 2 of everything 1 red 1 blue from iwaver and it was about $125 shipped. And that included both pods for each color and all 3 tie rods in each color.

2005.09.07, 10:45 AM
I had an order for each part, than saw what they offered. Sweet deal only I don't need a few parts. But hey extra new parts are always welcome in my tool box :)

2005.09.07, 10:57 PM
That was before shipping cost was added in. I'm not buying one so I didn't go far enough to calculate shipping. Just giving a heads up to folks.:)