View Full Version : Brand new type 5 Custom monster 4 sale

2005.09.07, 06:41 PM
Hey guys my type 5 chrome edition monster is regrettably up for sale. This thing is sensational with many upgrades as a few long time members in here will know.

The truck has never been used. Please look at the photos if anyone is interested before i put it on e.b.a.y. All the boxes, controls, manual are mint condition and unused. Its been on the shelf!!!!

Paypal only! No swapping requests! No stupid offers! I have sold a prior monster in here with no problems. I have also bought from johnrs with no problems. I have an ebay member name etc if your worried about anything. Arch2b should remember this truck from prior posts and hope he could vouch for it. I also have a paypal account etc etc that i can refer you to for authenticity purposes.

Any legitimate questions or offers send to voodoojay@gmail.com

I also will include a large set of parts, 5 new alloy rims etc if anyone should want to negotiate in anyway. As i said let me know and we can work it out.