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Dark Yoda
2002.03.11, 10:55 PM
Ever time I click "add to cart" it shows an error at the bottom of the page for the page and doesn't add it to the cart I can view the cart since that link works fine but the rest of it doesn't seem to want to work for me..

2002.03.12, 12:04 AM
Very strange, what browser are you using, and what parts did you try to add?

2002.03.12, 02:30 AM
Mini Z: I tested this on IE and the only problem I found is this.

When clicking the "Buy it!>" Hyperlink in the popup window, it doesn't get added to the cart. However, if you click the paypal add to cart graphic next to the item, it does get added to the cart.

The code for the button on the main page is

<a href="#8" onclick="window.open('https://www.paypal.com/cart/add=1&business=paypal%40mini-zracer.com&item_name=Kyosho+X-Speed+Mini-Z+Motor&item_number=MZR-281&amount=18.99&image_url=https%3A//secure.nexcess.net/mini-z/shoplogo.gif&return=http%3A//mini-zracer.com/shop/thanks.php&cancel_return=http%3A//mini-zracer.com/shop/error.php','cartwin','width=600,height=400,scrollb ars,location,resizable,status');"><img src="http://images.paypal.com/images/sc-but-01.gif" border="0"></a>

The code in the window is

onClick='window.open("/shop#8","Shop","");window.close();'>Buy it!</a> &gt;

So I don't know... seems a little different.

Dark Yoda
2002.03.12, 09:13 AM
EI 5.5
and doesn't matter what part it is buy it from the item description page and the add to cart for the pay pal just give me errors. I can click the view cart just fine I just can't seem to add anything to it... :confused:

2002.03.12, 06:12 PM
ded - the code you describe is in fact correct - buy it! takes you back to the shop page, from the Parts Database or part detail.
Dark Yoda - what is the specific error?

Dark Yoda
2002.03.13, 07:20 AM
*shrugs* I don't know what the error is the browser just says there is an error on the page and won't add anything to the cart. I switched to netscape though and it works there.