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2005.09.08, 06:21 PM
I decided to make this thread from all the posts I have seen on "where to buy parts?". I figure the main focus should be on stock replacement parts, not hopups that can be a whole other ballgame. I think it would be a good idea for a parts subsection for Kyosho replacement parts for not only all the Mini Z series, but for the Half Eight as well. I might post a thread like this over on halfEight to go with this.

2005.09.11, 11:08 PM
I was trying to supply replacment parts at budget prices but there is little interest in it any more... (See my site)

2005.09.11, 11:41 PM
I have seen your site and I think your prices are fair and all. And you do provide a good service for the Mini Z users.

I just don't want to be stuck with having to buy parts from overseas if a good shop like Tiny RC can stock them. I already have some random parts packs as it is, it is just that when I break something it happens to be something I don't have on hand. I mostly posted this thread to see if there was interest in a parts program, and also if there are other ideas and such for that. I do get aggrivated when it takes three weeks to get a part, (maybe) if your lucky, I would assume a three day wait is reasonable enough.

2005.09.13, 01:51 PM
We are an official Kyosho e-tailer, one of only 3 in the US. Please remember that purchasing Kyosho products from outside of the US voids all warranties, while by purchasing from Tiny RC you are preserving all Kyosho warranties.

This is at the top of the shop, so I was wondering if the shop is going to amp up the replacement parts that it has. I know it already has a good number of parts. And also a good rep for backing what they sell.

I have just a few questions, what is the deal on Overland parts? Are they discontinued or just hard to get?

2005.09.24, 11:14 PM
Just hard to get at the moment - Kyosho US is still not up to full capacity yet. Please post a list of part numbers of missing stock parts etc. and we'll get them all in - I thought we had pretty much everything - esp. for hE, we definitely had absolutely every stock and hop-up part. :)

2005.09.24, 11:30 PM
Thanks, it is sometimes hard for me (I am sure some other members are in the same boat) to get parts and such. I have one or two LHS'es that mostly deal with RC aircraft and hardly any car stuff, every once in a while they get some car stuff in as a flavor of the week deal. What I am getting at is just about everything I need is ether online or mail order. I noted that the shop has got some more stuff in sence I posted above.

2005.09.25, 12:02 AM
We try to stock all stock parts, it may just have been the Kyosho supply issue that's plagued us the past few months. If there's anything you need that's still not listed, post part numbers here, and we'll get them for you! :)

2005.09.25, 12:11 AM
I am good at the moment, if I can think of anything I will let you know.