View Full Version : 04 mhd?

2005.09.10, 01:11 AM
ok so i found an iwaver 04 mhd on the bay. i just wanted to warn people to not get this. mine is total junk. has no abs no lcd on the controler and i doubt it even has the new fets on it (i'm scared to put a pro on it). keep away from the 04s from rcfart cause they are the ones i got this from. also i'm not sure if this is the same with all iwavers but the instructions were not in english. with as much as i spent with shipping i wish i had gotten a real MZM.

2005.09.11, 08:38 PM
isn't it pretty clear that the LCD transmitter is not included?
Of course you lose ABS because that is a function of the controller rather than the car.