View Full Version : Kyosho Mini-z Monster Transmitter Range Problem !!

2005.09.10, 06:00 PM
Hello everyone !

Well, i am having a strange problem with my Kyosho Mini-Z monster truck, which i recently ordered!

Actually the things is that, once the truck is at the distance of above 15 feet from the transmitter, it starts to behave erratically. I mean, the front wheels turn left and right (with jerks, also called "twitching" and the truck starts to loose control a bit. But once the truck is way from the transmitter at a distance of over 20 feet, then it TOTALLY LOOSES CONTROL.

I am not exactly sure that the tranmitter's original range is so less. Becuase its an AM based Prefex transmitter, so i expect its range to be much higher.

Can anyone let me know as to whats wrong with the truck, or transmitter? Also, the truck works perfectly fine, if its in the range of 15 feet! I have installed the reciever and transmitter antenna STRICTLY as per the instructions. And have also tried chaging the batteries with the BRAND new ones, both in the truck as well as the transmitter.

Is there anyway in the tranmsmitter by which we can open up the Tx and make any adjustments to increase the range? What could be the possible solutions for this??

Hope to recieve informatory replies from members.

2005.09.10, 07:02 PM
You didn't short the RX antenna (the one on the truck) with anything did you? Those motor terminals are really close to it. There can also be interference in your area that can cause those kind of problems as well. In my area there are some that still use CB radios, with a few that have done illigal(sp?) things to them. I have run normal many times and then all of a sudden the car takes off into the wall. You allready done the basics with the batteries and checking the antennas, if you have another set of crystals to try? You can search for other threads on range I think some have pictures of the boards showing the adjustment pots.

2005.09.10, 08:01 PM
Can u plz provide me with the link? And what is a pot? where exactly is it located?

2005.09.11, 02:20 AM
This MAY help http://minizcanada.com/tech/radio.php

The newer KT5 also has a couple POTs inside, but I have not messed with them yet. Ill try to read the board a little, and see if I can come up with anything. I have a KT-5 that is apart right now, so I will follow the traces and see where they go.

Ibrake Ifry
2005.09.15, 01:46 PM
Hey i opened up the controller to my Iwaver and it has the same signal strength pot that the perfex has...I am wondering if other controllers have the same thing?
Also the antenae is swappable with a Kyosho one! I would just need to find the correct screw size

2005.09.15, 01:53 PM
I swapped my IW04 antenna with a stock Kyosho. I had to swap in the mounting peice as well.