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2005.09.12, 05:02 AM
Just completed.... will post more photos... there r 3 altogether here's one of them...

2005.09.12, 04:43 PM
nice man i love the color.

2005.09.13, 10:31 AM
I like the color too......not one I would have choosen, but now that I see it on the car I like it.

I really like the 350Z body, not because it looks cool (but it is one HOT body!) but becuase of the weight distribution, the car runs very neutral with this body on. It doesn't seem possible that just a little plastic hanging over one end or the other (even running without a wing can change the handling) could effectively change the way the car handles, but it does, and the 350Z has minimal overhang on both ends.

Nice job on that, lets see the rest of them...with the wings.
Are you going to run these on a foam or RCP track? If so you might think about removing the small nib wings on the front end, they snag foam walls BAD! Remove and sand smooth and the round 350Z front end effectively glances off the foam walls.

2005.09.13, 10:50 AM
Thanks guys... :D :D
I'm running on carpet so it isn't much of a problem...

I agree wif u DogBreath the 350Z is a great cover handles well.... and it's damn agile esp at cornering... :D

Stay tuned folks more updated pics coming soon....

2005.09.13, 01:18 PM
I really like the 350Z body,

I have to agree that the 350Z is a tight body. Just one or two grams of plastic can make a world of difference on these cars. With a Supra body as a comparo it is almost like you are running with a dumbell on the car with the extra overhangs (another reason I did one without the rear spoiler on it.). Also why I like my Mclaren LM body for the MM configuration because of the short overhangs.

2005.09.13, 08:24 PM
reminds me of the top secret 350z... nice job

2005.09.14, 12:54 PM
Just completed.... will post more photos... there r 3 altogether here's one of them...


2005.09.14, 01:36 PM
I like the painted out headlights. On mine I just painted the headlight buckets black for a blackout look, with the "bulbs" silver. Those yellow covers was a bit off for me anyway.