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2005.09.15, 05:07 PM
i was just wondering what is the diffrence between a firelap .02 and a iwaver .02?
im looking to get a mini-z type car i was leaning towards the iwaver but i cant seem to find any .02 in the US. i was also wondering where is TE located?

2005.09.15, 06:03 PM
TE is in japan.

Do you mean NEW chassi IW-02(Hasen't come out) or the old chassi. The FL-02 And old IW-02 are the same, both Mini-z MR-02 clones.

2005.09.15, 07:54 PM
ok thanks....i cant find any shops in the US that have iw-02s. only iw-01 like here but i want the iw-02 i dont want to get one from Japan due to shipping cost..

2005.09.16, 08:07 AM
Hi everyone! I just got a Firelap 2.0 from Toy East. It is in fact same as previous Iwaver 02. I just heard that Iwaver will developed a new chassis and so pass the Mini-Z style chassis to Firelap.

My Firelap 2.0 is good. With a nice F1 GTR body.

2005.09.16, 02:20 PM
n/b: for the record, TE is located in Hong Kong.
As already outlined in other posts, IW02 and the FireLap2.0 are the same cars. Since Horizon Hobby (or whatever big US Distributor) got the rights to Iwaver distribution, TE had to stop selling IW stuff. Since they probably had a bunch of stock left over and wanted to maintain the internet sales, they decided to rebrand everything FireLap.

My advice is buy the IW/FL is you're starting out. It's cheap, hands down. If you want to get serious, dump it or give it away to a friend, whatever and buy a Kyosho. That is what I did and I don't regret 1) getting into micro R/C and 2) going with the big K when I decided to stay and get the good stuff.

2005.09.17, 03:31 PM
thanks guys....