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2005.09.18, 11:14 PM
Buddy of mine just got a used MZM...well anyway the body was about half done with some body mods, smooth the bed cover, remove the body lines, and smooth the lights. I finished it up for him...finished the body work, primed and painted it, and produced the "Wild Thing" tiger style decals. Applied them and clear coated the whole thing....now he has a cool custom ride.

This one will be joining the MZM races at the "Mini-Z Monster Garage" soon.


and yes, he knows the rear tires are backwards...LOL

2005.09.19, 12:39 AM
another good looking body, keep up the good work, and keep the crew growing, maybe next time you are in the TN area you can bring along more people for us to whoop up on :p :D

2005.09.19, 02:02 AM
Thanks Ninja, there's more body work coming, I have another Monster on the way to me right now. Maybe another "Digger" style body to go on that.

May be coming back that way sooner than I thought (the wife is there right now doing some ground work)...and maybe for good, so you might get both me and the boy to whoop on...but he's better than me and we are both running top equipment now....no more breakage and glitching problems.
Besides, I'm used to being whooped on, happens all the time now....I had my day, now it's someone else's turn.

Ask some of those guys around what it looks like for work...who knows of a good job...email me.

2005.09.19, 05:15 AM
wow, your best monster yet in my opinion :eek: :D

2005.09.19, 06:48 PM
Fantastic Work.

2005.09.20, 09:30 AM
Great work DBR, as always! ;)