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2005.09.21, 02:55 PM
the iwaver 00 ( even thought they are not great from what ive heard) are they good for drifting , I just want to know if by taping or doing something to the tires to loose grip would it be good for drifting?
and also are there any parts that i can add to the 00?

2005.09.21, 05:25 PM
I have an IW00 that my daughter uses, she's 4. It is very slow running even with 2 1200mah AA in it. The rear axle is solid, no diff action. The steering has only like a few steps in it in each direction (kinda choppy). But it's great for my 4 yr. old to learn eye and hand coordination and learn how if i turn this wheel this way the car goes that way. For drifting i would suggest an Xmod or like me , wait for the MA01 to come out. Personally i use my TC3 for drifting.

2005.09.22, 06:41 PM
just asking what is a tc3? ive never heard of it but im trying to look for something thats cheap that i can drift like 20 bucks that i can add parts to.

2005.09.22, 06:59 PM
The full name is Team Associated TC3 (the TC stands for touring car). It's an all wheel drive 1/10 chassis with front and rear independant suspension. The drive train consist of a center drive shaft with a diff at each end and cvds in each corner. They just released the TC4 like 6 months ago and now you can find used TC3 on ebay for pretty cheap, but if you can find 1 for $20 you better jump on it. They tipically go for around $75 for just the rolling chassis, but the deals are out there. I'de check e b a y under toys-remotecontrole-TC3. I'm actually partial to the HPI brand of touring cars, but i had just sold my old model to get the new one, when my buddy offered this TC3 to me for a smokin deal when he got himself a new one. I've since fixed it up and have added some hop-ups and a freshly painted lid. I would expect that you would spend about $130 to $175 on a used TC3 in ready-to-run trim depending on any hop-ups and how new it's condition is.

2005.09.22, 10:21 PM
If you are looking for 1/28 scale to drift, right now, sadly the only real choice is Xmods with the AWD kit and Drift tires. You would be looking at about $75 unless there is a sale in the RS stores that I am not aware of. Near the end of October they are to be comming out with the new Xmod Evolution. My guess to get it hooked up to drift would be about $90+.

I think the best option would be to save up for the December release of the MiniZ AWD. If it is like the regular RTR and comes with 50 deg tires it will be ready to drift on RCP and carpet surfaces. Rumored price for the new Z in other threads on this site are looking at about $140+ for the RTR. Not a bad price and a proven track record of quality.

2005.09.23, 12:08 AM
Ya i was gonna buy the Xmod for some kitchen drifting and cause i could get the Honda Civic body, but i procastinated long enough that Kyosho finally announced their AWD so now i'm waiting to get that.

I also heard from a guy that works at a LHS that they're planning on releasing a 4WD MZM in the near future. Z-crawlin anyone?

2005.09.24, 12:19 PM
Hello everybody out there! I've been a fan of the Kyosho Mini-Z cars since day one and I'm excited about the new AWD chassis. I knew they would do it shortly after RadioShack released the X-Mods. For the cost of getting a supped up X-Mod for drfiting, I'd just save the extra money and get the higher quality AWD Mini-Z. Unless the X-Mods introduce new bodies, or something real special, Kyosho will run theme over and it'll be history for the X-Mods. Kyosho's quality is far superior than the X-Mods, and the options are far better to choose from as well. I'd like to see some of the popular drift cars be available for the AutoScale Collection for the new AWD chassis. Imagine adding some WRC Rally bodies to the chassis and do some series rally racing?!?
It's also great that Kyosho made the AWD kit useable with the old MR01 and MR15 bodies. Dollar for dollar, forget the X-Mods unless you really want a Honda Civic body. The Mini-Z AWD chassis is sure to be a winner, pre-order yours as soon as possible cause it's going to go fast!
What are these genious's going to come up with next!! Maybe they can add the AWD technology to the Monster truck or the Overlanders!

2005.09.24, 12:29 PM
The LHS guy i deal with said that he heard they're doing an AWD MZM. He didn't have any details, but when i asked him if he meant the MA01 he said " no really, i mean the MZM" so who knows it may be a possibillity. So now i need to save for an MA01 and a 'AMZM'. 1:28 th rallye racing and rock crawlin in my living room, that's what i'm talikin about. :D

2006.11.08, 03:48 AM
ive been told that tamiyas tt-01s are good for drifting all you need to do is put a set of drifting tyres on it and away you go