View Full Version : do i need f e t s

2005.09.23, 03:05 PM
ive orderd a litium kit and i was just informed that you will need f e ts to run litiums on my stock iw board

if this is true this ****ing sucks!

2005.09.23, 09:45 PM
i strongly sugest you get it done professionaly becuase i did it and im a pretty good solderer and i fried my steering controller

Ibrake Ifry
2005.09.23, 09:53 PM
i fried my steering once also but it wasn't because of the fets because i didn't change them it was because i reversed the polarity of the lithiums(i put the plus where the negative should be and vice versa)
by the way you won't need fets if you run the stock motor...although the motor might eventually fry because of the small commutator!

2005.09.24, 05:10 AM
I also fried my steering fet with lithium in them. I think it was because soo much dirt got in the servo gears and it got stuck. When I tried to steer it burned the fet.
I did replace it and I now run mainly stock motors with lithiums.

2005.09.24, 10:36 AM
so yeah i guess i do need f e ts this really sucks.. is there any other alternitive

2005.09.24, 10:42 AM
I heard you didn't. Did you check the lithium kit supplier? They usually state wether or not it needs it.