View Full Version : Cheap/Free Mods?

2005.09.23, 11:13 PM
what are some cheap or free mods i could do for my mini-z monster? just little upgrades, done with things from around the house or maybe from walmart or someplace, to increase speed, handling, w/e. thanks guys :)

2005.09.24, 12:41 AM
Do a search on LSSM. It's a suspension mod to lengthen the travel, it's mainly done on OLs, but i see no reason why it could not be done to an MZM. :cool:

2005.09.24, 12:54 AM
thx, ill look into that. any other ones?

2005.09.24, 01:45 AM
While it may not be cheap or free, you should really look into getting a bearing set for it. That is if you don't already have those. The Monster set from the shop is the way to go, it costs though. I see these as a must have upgrade.

If you are too cheap to get the full set you can get the idler bearing set, I think it is labled for Overlands but it will work on your monster. It will support the idler gear and keep you from knocking off the teeth. The Overland and Monster idler bearings are the same size, the other bearings are not. I had to post that just to be clear.

2005.09.24, 01:52 AM
As far as speed goes i would get an X-speed motor and some really good quality re-chargeable batteries. And Definately make the bearings a priority.