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2005.09.25, 11:22 AM
i was wanting to turn my MZM into a rock crawler (somewhat). I Know it is 2wd and all. What are some ideas that you have seen and work . Thanks for the help
Chattanooga Mini-Z

2005.10.09, 07:57 PM
Run the smallest pinion possible. Torque > power for climbin'.

2005.10.09, 07:58 PM
Oh, and modify a Trinity Monster HP motor from a Mini T to fit. :D :D

2005.10.11, 03:53 PM
Do a search for LSSM mod and increase the articulation.

2005.10.11, 04:30 PM
Compared to the Overlands, Monsters have more articulation because of the extra wide axles. Still the LSSM may still work. The tires on a monster may be a bit too wide for rock crawling, I think a wide tire wants to slide more than grip. There are some good ideas in the Overland section that I am sure can be applied to the monster like AWD and gear reduction motors for starters.

2005.10.11, 10:47 PM
My experience suggests the monsters are the better crawlers due to better ground clearance on really rugged terrain. If there is sand or dirt between the rocks the monster is definitely better than the OL even with LSSM and bigger tires.
The OL will be better in smaller tighter spaces if agility is an issue since they have a much smaller turning radius.

The LSSM doesn't work on the monsters because the link rods hit the chassis before letting the motor pod and servo box drop. You have to raise the ball screws on the servo case and motor case to use the LSSM on the monsters. I haven't seen the LSSM used on a monster, at least no one has shown one around here that I know of.

Much as we'd all like 4WD monsters and OLs they can do a lot with only RWD as you can see by my pictures below. The easiest 4WD conversions for the monsters will be done using a new SuperSlick MT form TRS to donate the steering and front drive assembly.