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2005.09.26, 04:42 AM
Hi, I need help with an iwaver 01 board....I'm writing from Italy, so I apologize for my english....
I've build an ibrid kyosho chassis with an iwaver 01 electronics and now the car has something strange....if I use it from 0 to 20 cm it works, otherwise it won't work...I have to get nearer. in some post I've read that probably the receiver chip is broke, but I don'know where is it....do you have a scheme?



2005.09.26, 10:31 AM
Check the obvious things first...

controller batteries charged ?
good frequency crystals ?
antenna tight ?
wiring connections all good ?

I'm having similar problems with some of my Iwaver boards as well.
Good luck !

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2005.09.26, 05:17 PM
[TKS, I'll try the wires....it's the only thing that lasted