View Full Version : Mini Monster Rally, NW Style

2005.09.26, 09:56 PM
The MZMG (Mini Z Monster Garage) crew got together this weekend for the first time to do some serious "mOnSTRer" play.

We ran a variety of track configurations and surfaces. Starting with a full road couse on the foam with a few asphalt type jumps and bumps added. As the day progressed, so did the track variations, later we added bigger jumps including the "Skull Mountain" that some of you remember from our Overland tracks last year. Finally we ended up throwing two big pieces of green grass carpet over the jumps and obstacles making a very realistic off-road/on-road type of track that everyone loved.

Pics will be uploaded later tonight. :)

2005.09.27, 01:41 AM
Here's a very small sample of the shots we got, there are many more....

***CAUTION*** Dial up users, several large format pics!!!

Three Monsters, all with DBR Custom Bodies


Side By side, TW and RRCM, off little asphalt jump


RCM in the lead, road course


all three over small asphalt jump


2005.09.27, 01:52 AM
Nice action pictures, I love the ramps.

2005.09.27, 07:14 AM
Here's a couple more ... playing on "Skull Mountain"

...two trucks trying to pass through the same place at the same time!


..Two trucks sharing the same place at the same time!


2005.09.27, 05:58 PM
That is realy Realy sweet

2005.09.27, 08:45 PM
Yeah we got some sweet action shots, and we had a blast running these together....they run like mini 1/10th scale off-road trucks....look for us to expand our course over the winter months, more grass, more hills, more fun!