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Dusty Weasle
2005.09.27, 03:50 AM
Now that we have a Core lap counter, miles of RCP track, and a stable of really cool cars, lets put our skills too the test with a points series. Can we get the clubhouse this weekend? If not my driveway is open. It's not quite cool out yet, but not terrible. Also the below schedule would have to be moved to sunset.

The Innaugeral Running of the
Arizona Grand Touring
C h a m p i o n s h i p

12 Rounds
Series to be run every other Saturday for six weeks. Each race day holds two races. The first a counter-clockwise Petite Le Mans style race, the second a short clockwise sprint race.

Round 11 (week six) will be a one hour Le Mans endurance race. Round 12 will be a 100 lap sprint.

Each race scores using the older FIA scale (since our club isnít that big yet):
1st = 10
2nd = 6
3rd = 4
4th = 3
5th = 2
6th = 1

Rain Delay
If the lap counter or sufficient RCP track is not available, that official race will be postponed until the next race weekend.
Any of the four core Mini-AZ members may call for an official race to be postponed due to scheduling conflicts.

Classes and Restrictions
This will be a somewhat informal series without any strict inspection or separate classes, though drivers are encouraged to run stock motors to keep things fair and even. In a 30íx 30í space we donít really need to go all that fast.

Drivers may change cars from race to race, but are encouraged to run the same one throughout the series.

Any suspension setup is allowed. Rubber tyres only, no foams. Any battery is allowed except Lithium Ion.

Le Mans
Once a car enters the track for Qualifying, no further adjustments are allowed and batteries may not be changed or charged. Once the race starts drivers may pit normally for any adjustments or battery changes.

Same as Le Mans except cars may be adjusted during the five minute session. Batteries may not be changed or charged until pitting during the race.

When a car completes qualifying, it is impounded in Parc Ferme until drivers are called to grid for the race.

Race Weekend Schedule
10:00-11:00am Track assembly and Open Testing (counter-clockwise)
Practice (Core telemetry)- 30 minutes.
Qualifying- 5 Lap individual run. Grid by best time.
Race- Staggered standing start. 30min Petite Le Mans (lap limit = 30min/best Practice time).

Lunch/war stories/damage assessment- 1hr

(Track direction reversed, clockwise)
Practice (Core telemetry) -30min
Qualifying- 5min open, all cars may run at any time. Grid by best time.
Race- Double-file rolling start. 50 lap sprint.
(Note: If rolling starts prove problematic, weíll revert to staggered standing starts).

2005.09.27, 05:23 AM
good luck adn i wish you the best of luck :) look forward to all the race reports ;)

2005.09.27, 11:56 PM
Well i've reserved and paid for the clubhouse this Saturday, so it's a go for A/C and pit tables and descent lighting. So i'll see ya'll there.

Dusty Weasle
2005.10.03, 02:38 AM
Holy smokes that was fun! The first running of the AZGT Championship went great. We have a new member thatís joined us which brought the field for the Round 1 Petite Le Mans to five cars. And later a guest brought his kid who drove pretty well considering it was his first time out. That made for an active six car field for the Round 2 Sprint.

My McLaren was hooked up and ran smooth all day, despite absolutely destroying the new Delrin 7T pinion. Iím guessing the stock 7T/8T MM motor plates donít work well with the 7T. Dink was hot on my heels much of the time, but had a bit of a traction roll problem. Saiyanís car was a bullet on the straights.

DMís Stratos looks like it should be a Garage Queen, but thankfully isnít. It seemed like every time he got sideways my car was there to T-bone him. I didnít want to put a mark on it.

The new member, Mark, qualified with a troubled Audi. But by the time we were ready to race he had built an entire new car from other parts (started at the back of the field of course). He finished last in the Le Mans but the new car was much better. In the second race (50 lap Sprint) he made it to 2nd.

Remember that Ďrolling startí idea for the Sprint race? Yeah, ok, not in Mini-Z land. We piled up in Turn 1 rolling at pace speed. So, weíll be going to standing starts for both races.

The stress of the battery rule, the different qualifying styles, reversing the track for the Sprint, six car field, it all worked great. This was the most fun Iíve had racing Mini-ZísÖ ever!

Results for Week 1 (of 6):

Le Mans, Round 1
Dusty Weasle.....2.......1
Digital Mofia......4.......4

Sprint, Round 2
Dusty Weasle.....1........1
Digital Mofia......4........5
Justin (guest).....6........6

Total Points Standing
Dusty Weasle.....20
Digital Mofia........5

Dusty Weasle
2005.10.03, 02:40 AM
And the rest of the pictures:

2005.10.04, 12:29 AM
Man great pics and a great race review.
The race was very fun and with the addition of a very stoked racer we have a solid group of 5 now. It wont be long until we get a few more. I brought a few friends (one whos 10 yr old raced and loved it!) and they were pretty amazed at the clubhouse-track and core system-really pro. Dusty is realy great at running the core and events and we manage to keep it light in between and often during:) our races-good fun- good competition. The core system is the best-really takes the 4 wide L race track experience to another level. Now we just need a 42 inch flat screen and surround sound to display it all! (Dusty uses a modded female voice as the announcer...its cool).

Thanks to eveyone for the good times.


Dusty Weasle
2005.10.12, 11:25 PM
Itís time to figure out our schedule routine. Are we continuing on Saturdays? Switching to Sundays? Skipping this week so the potential new sixth guy can join next week?

I like the Saturday races since I have Sunday to sleep in, unpack, watch NASCAR/F1/WRC/ALMS, etc. But if Sunday allows more people to join then thatís fine as well.

So when are we running Rounds 3 and 4 of the AZGT? Iím itchiní to score more points.

2005.10.13, 11:29 AM
Well i have plans to go to a gaming party Saturday at 7pm. So i wasn't planning to race this Saturday. I would be up for racing next Saturday for sure, i would even be up for some this Sunday. I was thinking about doing another D.R.T.C.C. Saturday morning, but that's still in the air. I'll talk to the wife and see what are sched is for this Sat. and maybe i could do something in the morn/afternoon. I have not secured the clubhouse, but depending on the sched i'll see if i still can. I'll let ya know.

2005.10.13, 01:14 PM
Hey Guys,

Well the good news is we sold our company:

Press Release (http://biz.yahoo.com/bw/051011/115312.html?.v=1)

We are taking all of our shareholders (not too many of us :) ) to Vegas for a high roller weekend thing. So I will not be able to race this weekend, but will be back - with TONS of new parts n stuff (my f1 wil have proper tires...)-the following saturday.

I will be attending the Mario Andretti Racing School Friday and rolling an Indy-style open wheel race car at 150 MPH...Sweet.

2005.10.13, 01:35 PM
:eek: Aw man! That will be so awsome :D . I looked into that too ;) . If you go through it all you can get your race license. But i think it's an all week deal and like $5k, but you get to run the whole course by yourself as fast as you can handle on the last day. :D :eek: SWEEETTT!!!!!! :eek: :D I should be getting my F1 amyday now, so there'll be some compitition for ya next gtg.

Dusty Weasle
2005.10.13, 03:28 PM
Ok, with DM out of town during a points chase, and other events competing for Saturday, weíll skip this week altogether. My Wife is dragging me off to help at one of her activities Saturday. I was hoping to race so I could get out of it ;)

Canít wait for next week. I want points, feed me points!

We still need to decide on Saturday (22nd) or Sunday (23rd). Dink, what is that guyís schedule limitations?

2005.10.13, 04:48 PM
If i remember right, it was just the switching of the week-ends that would work best for him. I'll let Dink know if he has not been on mini-zracer lately about the sched change, he'll be comin to the gaming party anyway. Then he can tell todd and get him to show up.

Next week-end sounds good to me for getting more points ;) . I need to get a couple of top podium finishes :cool: :D .

Dusty Weasle
2005.10.19, 02:04 AM
Itís time to start planning. Saturday 22nd, or switch to Sundays and run on the 23rd?

Given the time preferences we worked out last time, letís bump the schedule up an hour, making track assembly and open testing 11:00am-12:00pm.

I snagged some new sound files from our Audio Department to improve a couple of the Core sound effects (still featuring the digital British babe, Audrey). I also updated and expanded the car picture files, so now we should see the correct car label on the leader board.

Saiyan, do you have your 3rd Wide L yet? I can start designing to use those components. Brian also has several 5-L designs at the SLC club site to draw on.

2005.10.19, 11:36 PM
that "big wheel" audi looks sweet... it doesn't sit the best but there is something that really catches the eye!

2005.10.19, 11:49 PM
that "big wheel" audi looks sweet... it doesn't sit the best but there is something that really catches the eye!


I'll be going to the property managemnet place tomarrow to reserve the clubhouse for this week-end. I'll plan for Saturday unless everyone wants to do Sunday.

I do have the 3rd wide L, but digitalmafia expressed interest in it so i've not even opened the box yet.

2005.10.21, 08:49 AM
This is alpha team, the clubhouse has been secured. Repeat, the clubhouse has been secured.

I've been playing some shooters on my PS2 lately incase you're wondering. ;) :D

2005.10.21, 09:41 AM
I was just looking around your site. it's looking great. I have been following your club developement and it looks like you guys are doing great, and getting some new members, Lots of new Tracks, and a Core Timing System.

So What do you guys think of the RCP Tracks? are you glad you decided to go with the wide L tracks? How about that Core Timing System? is sure is great that any club can get all the equipment that they need for some competitive professional racing, with out robbing a bank.

I'm kind of envy you though, with you having the availability to race inside. I'm still looking for a indoor location that won't be too expensive to discourage people from comming. I don't want it to be more than $5.00 a person + the Championship series Fee. (to pay for trophies)

Keep up all the good work, and thanks for posting my site under your club links. I'll return the favor and add yours to my links page.

it makes it easy for anyone looking for something in their area to find what's out there.


Dusty Weasle
2005.10.21, 08:15 PM
Week 2: Rounds 3 and 4 are on for Saturday at the clubhouse.
Track assembly and open testing are at 11:00am-12:00, otherwise the schedule remains the same as before.

If anyone still has a Core telemetry tag from last time, please remember to bring them. I think Mark has the only outstanding one. I updated the others with new and/or correct car pictures and data, so the leader board will display the correct images.

Iím working on a new track design using a decreasing radius carousel, should be a blast. Iím at work until late tonight though, so I wonít get to post the completed track until very late tonight.

I also printed a test sheet of sponsor banners to put on the RCP walls.

Thanks Brian. Weíre very happy with the RCP track and the Core Lap Counter. Best decision we made. The DIY track I was building would have worked eventually, but would have been far more trouble than it was worth. The RCP is quick, easy, and due to its popularity, widely compatible. The Core system has performed trouble free and allowed us to concentrate on the fun of racing.

The indoor racing is pretty indispensable here in Phoenix. Itís still projected to be in the 90ís this weekend. Hot, but chilly compared to the 115ís we were getting. The clubhouse is expensive for a small group, but better than heat/bugs/weather. As it cools off though we could do some driveway/backyard races.

Iíve been meaning to talk to the city run community center near my house about getting indoor space for the club. Put my taxes to work if possible.

Dusty Weasle
2005.10.22, 04:25 AM
Here yaí go- ďThe Grand CarouselĒ

The highlight of this track is its two carousel turns, one decreasing radius and one increasing radius. And remember, the track direction is reversed for the Sprint round.

Dusty Weasle
2005.10.23, 12:45 AM
Since Mark couldnít make it and DM is MIA, we decided to skip the points battle today and just ran the All Star Race. It just wouldnít be as much fun for just a few to get an artificial boost in points that way.

The dual carousel layout was a lot of fun. Challenging to set up well through the variable corners to set good speed on the next straight. We stuck to the same Le Mans/Sprint format. Both races finished Dink 1st, Dusty 2nd, Saiyan 3rd. If we had raced for points the standings would be Dusty: 32, Dink: 29, Saiyan: 16.

Weíre starting to get populated with F1ís, so we'll be running an F1 series before long (great, now I have to buy ANOTHER Mini-Z). Pictured is Saiyanís new Williams BMW in front of my latest RCP experiment: Wall Banners.

Iíve only applied that one set of wall banners as an experiment. They are printed on InkJet label paper, sealed with Krylon Crystal Clear, then just stuck on the wall. They held up well, but I donít think any cars even hit them.

We will resume the AZGT Championship points chase at the next race in two weeks.

2005.10.23, 09:43 AM
i have alot of presized rail banners i can email you if you wish? how did you stick the paper to the rails? nice idea about lear coating them... i applied mine by placing them on a strand of packing tape and then applied the tape to the rails. it held up well but the tape eventuall peels away :( i've taken them all off and have not tried anything else yet

2005.10.23, 01:43 PM
Looks like things are really rolling in AZ.

can you email me the banners? I'm making a track at my shop and would like to add a few things for the scale look.

2005.10.23, 03:21 PM
here are some examples of installed banners, this page and the few preceeedign and maybe following


2005.10.23, 03:45 PM
i have alot of presized rail banners i can email you if you wish? how did you stick the paper to the rails? nice idea about lear coating them... i applied mine by placing them on a strand of packing tape and then applied the tape to the rails. it held up well but the tape eventuall peels away :( i've taken them all off and have not tried anything else yet

I would also like them. will you email them to me when you get them time.



2005.10.24, 10:52 PM
Glad you like the site briankstan - its going to get some more love soon.

I had a crap weekend and missed the racing (sorry guys). Between a bad raid crash at work and me and my 9 month old being sick my weekend is one I wish to forget :)
DM will, however, be ready to roll for the next one.

Sai-do you still have that extra rcp wide L? I would like to take it off your hands so I can start tire testing in my garage ;)

OMG...is that a new F1 addition to the club.....YEA!!!!! F1 racing AZ style.


2005.10.25, 05:15 AM
well, everyone should have the banners. :) i hope you can find a use for them. be sure to post on how they turn out and your installation tips

2005.10.25, 10:24 AM
Glad you like the site briankstan - its going to get some more love soon.

I had a crap weekend and missed the racing (sorry guys). Between a bad raid crash at work and me and my 9 month old being sick my weekend is one I wish to forget :)
DM will, however, be ready to roll for the next one.

Sai-do you still have that extra rcp wide L? I would like to take it off your hands so I can start tire testing in my garage ;)

OMG...is that a new F1 addition to the club.....YEA!!!!! F1 racing AZ style.


I got a new Jordan Honda body just for lookin extra good when i pass your Ferrari on the track. :D :p I was overall faster with the F1 then my MR02, I gotta tame the MR02 back some more with a stock motor. I dialed my steering a bit and I definately felt like i was bounds smoother. I was staying away from the corners better.

The only dissapointment i had at the GTG was that i couldn't get my Vauxhall body to fit on the MR02 chassis. The front tyres were binding on the body when ever i would try and turn, so with the stock tyres i would just push straight into the corners. So unless i can find a -1 offset narrow front wheel in black with a matching 0 offset rear, i'll have to get my MR015 finished soon so i can run it. Dusty already has a pic of it loaded into the Core timer for when i can race it.

2005.10.26, 03:34 AM
Hey guys, guess what dink got today in the mail today?

2005.10.30, 07:17 PM
Okay, so would there be a scheduling issue if we ran the races on Sunday this week-end instead of Saturday? I have to go out of town to Show Low Friday night and won't be back till Saturday afternoon. Dink has inventory to do at his shop this week and will run into Saturday. So we both can race on Sunday this week-end. Plus then Dink's buddy from the 1:10 track can swing by and check out the Zs. Another one about to be bitten Muahahaha!!!!. LMK what will work for schedualling.

Dusty Weasle
2005.10.31, 02:52 AM
Weíre in a vicious crunch at work, but unless things go to pieces I should be available either Saturday or Sunday. DM however said heís tied up Sundays through Christmas.

DM, would you be able to switch out some time to run between 12:00-4:00ish on Sunday the 6th?

During a short span of time Iíve been able to keep my eyes open, I cut out the rest of the sponsor banners and applied them to the RCP walls. It was just enough for a few more walls since this is an experiment, but with more walls itíll get a better stress test next time.

Thanks arch2b, I had checked out those pictures. So far mine are sticking. Weíll see how long they last. :rolleyes: I could try and glue them down better, but I donít want to do anything permanent. I already reproduced a bunch of sponsor logos at print resolution, thanks anyway.

2005.10.31, 11:19 AM
Well if we need to do it on Saturday it would have to be at night. I probably won't be back from Show Low until like around 3pm or so. And Dink will probably be doing inventory right up to 5pm. He's got his new F1 and i'm sure he'll want to be racin it soon. :cool:

Dusty Weasle
2005.11.01, 03:04 AM
I hadnít thought of that. Night is much easier for me. After cranking at work for 12+ hours, then prepping and packing the car with R/C gear, itís tough to get up early the next morning.

Seems though you two would be in that same boat on Saturday, youíve got a long drive and Dink working all night. Would you really be up to chasing 20 points?

2005.11.01, 08:21 PM
Yes! I can go this sunday. Wow- Lots of F-1's.....sweet.
Cant wait to race !

2005.11.02, 11:04 AM
Okay, there has been a change in plans and i'll be going to Show Low Saturday morning around 5am and coming back Saturday night. So i don't think Saturday night racing would work for me, unless i could nap between heats :p .

Sunday would be best, especially since atleast the 4 of us can do it. I'll send an e-mail to Mark to see if he can make it on Sunday.

With Marks F1 it would give us 4 on the line. I'm sure Dusty will be itchin for 1, especially since the F1 McClaren was what he originally wanted. :cool:

Dusty Weasle
2005.11.02, 01:36 PM
Sunday will work fine for me. Start at 11:00am?

If there are four F1ís weíd obviously run an F1 class. Could even start an F1 series running concurrent with the AZGT. I donít anticipate having an F1 until after Christmas, so unless thereís a spare I can provide announcer commentary and/or shoot video.

Guess this means I need to have Audrey record more car names for the Core system. With the super long hours at work Iím going to need Saturday to prep everything, so Sunday will really work out for the best.

(And because you just canít have enough classes of Mini-Z) Iíve thought about a WRC championship. We could set up a long RCP course using the one-tile-wide trick, stick stuff under in places to create lots of elevation changes, and scatter foam ďrocksĒ and small plastic BBís in places to create a dirt road experience. Then do single timed runs with Rally bodied cars just like the real thing.

Only catch would be the long setup time requiring the disassembling of the rails to make the single tile roads. Along with the long setup for elevation and Ďrocksí, that would pretty much have to be the only event that day.

2005.11.02, 03:59 PM
:eek: Rallye races!!! That would be ssshhhwwweeeeeettt!!!! :eek: :D :cool: I would be up for that. Digitalmafia has the 01 Focus and i have the 02 Focus, a Suby body and a 2F2F Lancer body. Dink has a suby and 2F2F lancer as well. We should be able to outfit everyone with a rallye body. I'm also trying to locate an 02 Suby rallye body.

When you say 'single tile trick' what are you taliking about? If it's just running 1 lane wide of tile then we could just run with the bumpers on 1 side and the other would be the 'cliff' side that you always see the cars flying off of. ;) :D

Here's the pic of the newer suby body with rallye colors i was talking about.......

2005.11.02, 04:40 PM
Here are some pics of some rallye/OL layouts i've seen. We could also use the Wal mart tiles for the rallye course, that way it could be set up seperately and if an mutalation needs to happen to the tile, it won't be the more expencive RCP.

2005.11.04, 10:37 AM
Hey Sai,

Do you have extra F1 tires? I have a big-ass order but held off on submitting it as I was bidding on some cars on ebay (which I lost....).


2005.11.04, 01:32 PM
I only have extra rears, but you can barrow a set sure. The pile of tyres you see in of my pics are all rears. I also have no idea if they're all the same compound or not, though there is a # on the side wall that is the same on all of them 375 except 1 that said 275.

2005.11.04, 06:32 PM
I've not heard back from the 5th guy who lives in Chandler. Has anyone heard anything from him. I know he had a wedding to go to when we had the last GTG and he said he was lookin forward to the next one. Hopefully he'll be there.

Here's a pic of the tyre pile DM........

Dusty Weasle
2005.11.05, 10:37 PM
Thatís a cool layout Saiyan, just one catch though- there arenít enough tiles. I put it together in Max like the others and ran out of straight tiles near the back stretch.

When we open up that 5th Wide L we may be able to build it. Those are really fun technical sections youíve got designed. You may want to tweak it down a little smaller too. We could fit it into the clubhouse, but at 30í wide weíd have to move the Pits and furniture into the other room. The guide I use is a 25íx25í area, and that works out pretty snug. Go ahead and adjust it and we can run it for Rounds 5-6.

I went ahead and finished up the earlier track I was working on. Rounds 3-4 (this week) will be the Le Equipar de Brasil, held at the Curva Parabůlica do Senna (See image). Saiyan, Iíll send you a top-down printer-friendly map. Also please keep the Start Line tiles open for me. Iíve got sponsor banners on those two tiles to test out.

I was going to re-run El Magnifico Carrusel (Spain), but I donít want to run the same track twice in a row. We'll do the Le Mans de EspaŮa for Rounds 7-8.

(Note: Iím trying to give it the feel of an international touring series. Translations courtesy of Babel Fish, so if it reads goofy, not my fault.
For those following along in other far flung parts of the world, these track designs can be found pictured in this thread or viewed in the Dusty Weasle gallery at www.mini-az.com).

Weíll start track assembly and open testing at 11:00am. We can also start an F1 series or just run a stand alone race for everyone to dial their cars and driving styles in. See ya all there.

2005.11.05, 10:41 PM
Dusty-your track image/layouts are nothing short of amazing! Great work :)
If you want I can add a section to our website just for the tracks.
Cant wait to race on them.


2005.11.05, 11:52 PM
The 1 tile choke point should prove interesting ;) . I like the layout, it'll be fun i'm sure. :cool:

Ya i know the track was a bit on the huge side, i got a little carried away. Once i got to the 4 wide L there was a bit of a gap so i began to fill it in :rolleyes: . I think that for the most part 4 Wide Ls will be just fine for our club meets. It would just be nice to have access to a 5th one for some additional tiles when needed. I will be e-mailing RCP to see if they have a couple of corner kits ( the rounded corner and bumper plus a blank ) they could sell me. I was also thinking that with 2 wide Ls i'm only 16 straight tiles shy of a wide 96. :D

2005.11.07, 04:52 PM
Well i think fun was had by all this last Sunday at the GTG, even with the Core system acting up a little. Dink thinks we got the new guy hooked on the Zs. To bad Mark was a no show, we coulda had 6 on the starting grid. Maybe next time we'll have 6 racers on the field for even more intense compitition. I'm glad we have the 4 Wide Ls to use and spread us out a little.

Dusty Weasle
2005.11.09, 02:36 AM
Iíve finally got some of the pictures processed, so here they are. The ďStill_LifeĒ shots are composites of the same cars at different points on the track. Just getting artsy. Enjoy.

Itís very late and Iím working ridiculously long hours, so Iíll have to skip a detailed recap this week. Aside from the serious Core lap counter glitch in the first race, it was a lot of fun. The Senna Curve proved a difficult track, demanding exacting precision at the tight apex. And the bumper chicane swatted harsh punishment on any car that dared touch its walls. Fast and full throttle if you drove the perfect line, unforgiving should you waver from that path.

Fun, fun, fun.

Results for Week 2 (of 6):

Le Mans, Round 3
Dusty Weasle.....1.......2
Digital Mafia......4.......5

Sprint, Round 4
Dusty Weasle.....1........1
Digital Mafia......2........3

Total Points Standing
Dusty Weasle.......36
Digital Mafia........11

2005.11.09, 10:21 AM
Looks like i need to win the next 6 races if i want to win the series :rolleyes: , that's if Dusty always gets 2nd behind me. ;) I think the PN Speedy in the first 3 rounds really hurt me since i'm not skilled enough with the mini-z to handle that speed. I moved down to an x-speed for the 4th round and though it was slower and easier to handle and i was feeling like i was getting around the track faster, it was still to fast. When i switched to my MR01 with a stock motor i definately noticed faster lap times and that's with it's poorer handling. So the plan is to put the stock motor back in my 02RM and hopefully start getting higher podium finishes. If i'm to be a loser, then i atleast want to be the first loser (2nd place). ;) :p

Dusty Weasle
2005.11.15, 01:58 AM
Itís about that time, letís start planning for Rounds 5 and 6 of the AZGT.

Do we meet Saturday or Sunday? If DM can make it Sunday Todd can join us, but if not Iíd say letís defer to the core MAZ member in the points chase and meet Saturday.

Going into the holidays this is going to get tricky.

For this week I think we should also set up the track from the How Fast Are You series and log some times. After that we can set up the full length track for the AZGT.

I was going to set up the HFAY track last weekend in my garage for everyone to log times, but wound up cleaning the garage instead. Took longer than I thought. Itís about half done.

(BTW, now that thereís more room in there and the temperatures are reasonable, we could meet for daytime racing here for free. Just incase it should come up).

2005.11.15, 09:18 AM
:cool: Ya now that it's getting cooler that is definately an option. I wouldn't mind doing the HFAY time attacks over in your garage/driveway on the off-racing week-end, i could probably show up by myself since it would be a shorter event. I'm also fine with having it held at the clubhouse b4 the AZGT. If it's 2 wide Ls i could have it set up b4 everyone gets there and it wouldn't add too much time to the overall event :cool: . Plus we could possibly incorporate it into the track design for the AZGT. ;)

Did you see that used RCP wide oval on e bay about a week ago? I was gonna bid on it, but i got home and logged on about 2 min. after it finished :mad: . It went for just over $100 with shipping :( . That would of givin us 4 more corners and like 12 sides, givin us alot more corner capability.

I can reserve the clubhouse as soon as everyone puts in for what day they want or are available for. I agree about the core AZGT racers having 1st say in what days we pick to meet on.

The main reason i like the clubhouse for our GTGs is that i can concentrate a little more on the racing and not be worried that my daughter will be running into the street :rolleyes: :o . She has gotten both better and worse about listening to me cause i've been givin her alot of slack and more freedome lately, but then later she tries and pushes the boundries. Give her an inch now and she tries for the whole foot later. ;)

2005.11.15, 11:06 AM
For this week I think we should also set up the track from the How Fast Are You series and log some times. After that we can set up the full length track for the AZGT.

I was going to set up the HFAY track last weekend in my garage for everyone to log times, but wound up cleaning the garage instead. Took longer than I thought. Itís about half done.

I'll look forward to receiving your times, you can just email me the Core ranks file for the runs. good luck

I also added your Club Logo to the Clubs page, if you have a different logo that you would like me to use just let me know. I used the one from the top of your website.


2005.11.15, 04:24 PM
I think that logo works, but dustyweasel might be able to incorporate our AZGT logo from the core screen. If you check his pics on mini-az you'll see a shot of his screen, it looks sweet.

Dink is cool with either day, but would prefer Sunday cause he wants to do some 1:10 road course drifting down in Gilbert Sat. If we do it on Sun. then i'll most likely join him in the drift racing. Hopefully we'll hear from digitalmafia as to his scheduall this week-end.

2005.11.15, 05:21 PM
I think that logo works, but dustyweasel might be able to incorporate our AZGT logo from the core screen. If you check his pics on mini-az you'll see a shot of his screen, it looks sweet.

I saw that design, I just didn't want to cut it out. if Dusty Weasel will send me a finished one I'll be happy to change it.

Dusty Weasle
2005.11.16, 10:52 PM
Our Ďcrunchí at work is done (for now), but weíre all on-call for bug fixes on Sunday.

So, if we do this Sunday I may have to leave (fortunately I work near the clubhouse). Saturday would be the least risky option for me given the circumstances, plus itíll be easier for DM. Hopefully we can move to Sundays soon to include more people.

I was going to reuse one of our previous tracks, but have designed a new one incorporating the HFAY Track01. This weekís race will be the United States Le Mans held at The Great Salt Lake Circuit.

We should meet as normal at 11:00 for setup, but keep the HFAY course closed off and run the Time Attacks. Then we just switch out a few tiles and run the AZGT.

The Mini-AZ web site is DMís so the logo is his call. Our AZGT logo (the one with the Phoenix bird in it) is specific to that racing series and not the club, so it might be confusing to someone linking. If he wants to update the club logo I could incorporate it in somehow.

Thanks anyway though, I like how it turned out. The base silhouette is modified from a City of Phoenix web site, then layer upon layer of effects (3rd deg Black Belt in Photoshop).

2005.11.16, 11:07 PM
Cool, i'll have the HFAY section of the AZGT track done b4 people arrive so we can jump onit and " git-r-done ". It'll be cool to see how we stack up against the others. I'll talk to Dink, but i don't forsee a problem for Saturday.

Dusty Weasle
2005.11.18, 10:08 PM
I sent e-mails out, but just in case- The plan is to race this Saturday since Iím on-call for work on Sunday.

Weíll be running Time Attacks to participate in the new HowFastAreYou.com national rankings, then adjust the layout into the 4xRCP course for the AZGT main event.

There's a maximum of 80 points still available before the end of the series, so the trophy is still anyone's to win! (yes, there will be a trophy)

(All times Ďishí)
11:00 -12:00: Track assembly and open testing
12:00 -12:30: HFAY Time Attack
12:30 - 1:30: Switch to Le Mans layout. Open testing. Lunch
1:30 Ė Whenever: AZGT Le Mans and Sprint

2005.11.18, 11:09 PM
Hey guys-I will be there, but I cannot spend the whole day racing-unfortunatly i have been working crazy hours and havent seen enough of my family-so I will get there bout 12 so i can catch a little racing (probably 2 hours) :)
Looking forward to it!

2005.11.20, 02:03 AM
hey guys, I got your times posted on HFAY. If you want your car pics up just send them to me. thanks


Dusty Weasle
2005.11.20, 03:19 AM
Schedule conflicts limited our attendance this week. Plus one MIA, we donít know what happened to Digital Mafia yet. But we ran both Rounds 5 and 6 of the AZGT along with a couple runs on the HFAY #1 track (we all fell mid-to-low in the world rankings, better luck next time).

The mysterious Core system fade-out that plagued last weekís race was non-existent this week, so itís looking more and more like the conjectured ĎAlien Death Rayí was to blame after all.

During the first HFAY run Dinkís motor started making the Squeal-of-Death and slowed dramatically. A little oil on the bushings fixed things right up. After that his Porsche was a rocket on rails and he swept the wins in both AZGT races. This tightens up the points race significantly.

The Hoot-of-the-Day had to be when at about "2" on the start countdown, Dink's battery pack fell out of his radio. Frantic movement followed (we restarted the race though).

My typically fast McLaren was just ok. A bit faster when I went 7T on the pinion, but with worn front tires I developed a push that forced me to slow in the corners.

Saiyanís Modena is also a rocket, just without the necessary rails. Itís got the speed x10, but is a handful to drive. Heís also up to a record two interruptions by building complex Ďofficialsí (busybodies) dropping by and talking to him while heís driving a points run. Un-freakiní-believable.

Results for Week 3 (of 6):

Le Mans, Round 5
Dusty Weasle.....2.......2

Sprint, Round 6
Dusty Weasle.....2........2

Total Points Standing
Dusty Weasle.......48
Digital Mafia........11

2005.11.20, 10:50 AM
Overall it was a good time as usuall. I did have a casualty of war though, i broke a servo gear in my MR01. I also put a bone stock motor back in my MR02 to slow it down a bit so that i could regain controle of it. It did seem to help me stay off the walls a bit more, but i still placed 3rd (out of 3 :p ). I noticed that no one stood by the Loop with a TX durring the racing and that might of helped with any Corer glitching. I also noticed a difference in my chassis having less glitch when crossing over the loop and in general around the track after i taped the transponder to the inside of the roof of the body of my Modena.

Dusty Weasle
2005.11.30, 03:38 AM
Time to plan for Rounds 7 and 8 of the AZGT. Weíve passed the half way point and there are still 156 points up for grabs before the final race. 60 more points are the most a single driver can earn by the end, and the top two spots are separated by only 3 thin points. If the leaders have trouble 3rd and 4th can still close the gap by scoring wins.

This weekís event takes us to The Gauntlet for the Le Mans of Great Britain. A surprisingly fast track, but only if you navigate its sharp edges with precision.

Who will take the Checkered Flag? Join us and find out!

I havenít heard from DM for some time, so I assume heís swamped with work. If thatís the case lets go with Sunday the 4th so Todd can race. Mark, are you still out there? DM, Mark, if you guys make it please be sure to bring the Core tags.

If enough F1ís show up we can run a stand-alone F1 race. I won a very nice pre-hopped-up Williams BMW off eBay that should be here any day now (though I technically have to leave it in the box until Christmas).

Dink, Iíve been tuning on my McLaren. Watch out! (Still waiting on the new stock motor, in a pinch I can pull the motor from the Murc).

(All times Ďishí)
11:00 -12:00: Track assembly and open testing
12:00 -1:00: HFAY Time Attack Track #2
1:00 - 1:30: Switch to Le Mans layout. Open testing. Lunch
1:30 Ė Whenever: AZGT Le Mans and Sprint

2005.11.30, 06:53 PM
Hi Y'all,

Yea Dusty- swamped with work is one way to put it...suxs-I will be grinding 6 days a week till Jan. Sorry I missed out last week, on my only day off I ended up buying a new house (well were building one due to deliver in late June) and found it sucked my whole day up (we are excited tho! and I will have extra rooms so I can use one for my home track;) Anyhow-I need front tires for my f1 and have just been too tired and lazy to order them (even tho i am in front of a puter 14 hours a day....) anyone have an extra set? F1....:) If we go Sat I can attend, but i am working Sunday.


2005.12.01, 12:59 PM
Hey DM, long time no see/hear. What's up with working on Sundays? Are you wotking with a company on the other side of the world?

Okay, well after talking to Dink he said Todd could show for some racing on Sunday, and that he would want Sunday himself so that he can race 1:10 on Saturday. I'm up for either day so it really doesn't matter to me. Ofcourse i think the original core group of racers get priority, but we also need more people to show up. So as soon as it's descided i'll reserve the space, but it needs to be done by tomarrow afternoon since the property management co. is closed on the week-ends.

I might have an extra set of Atomic tyres for ya DM. They're 30* fronts and 10* rears.

2005.12.01, 01:51 PM
Hi Sai!

I will be off sundays in Jan. So I will stop screwing it up for the rest :)
If y'all wanna run Sunday, I will miss out, but understand as my death march is not going to be forever and I want others to get hooked!! I can practice on my home track. If Dink can go Sat and the rest want to as well I will be able to race with yall.

Heck maybe we can do an impromptu race during the week on a mini-track.

I will take you up on the F1 tires (if mine dont come in).

I just ordered the following:
2 x PN Racing (#200408BK) Alm. Wheel Lock Nut - Black
1 x Kyosho (#MFT01-20R) Mini-Z F1 High Grip 20 deg Rear Tire
1 x PN Racing (#10043MOG) MR01 Pro Modified Motor Mount - Orange
1 x Kyosho (#MFT01-30F) Mini-Z F1 High Grip 30 deg Front Tire
**1 x Kyosho (#30470R) Mini-Z MR02MM Ford GT 2005 Red Ready Set
1 x PN Racing (#10NM47) SpeedyNM Motor

** Yes thats a NEW MR-02...sweeeeet. and the SpeedyNM is so i can dice with Dink using my MR-01.
Might make it here by sat..but problably next week :) Cant wait.


2005.12.01, 04:40 PM
Have you had time to work on your old MR02's steering pot? You'll like having the new stock MR02 as it will be easier to controle. If you're unable to race with us and you haven't gotten around to your MR02 i can fix it for ya if you like. Right now you're a distant 4th from 1st in the AZGT points chase.

Dusty had HFAY track #1 set up in his garage last week-end for some time trials. Maybe we could set something up with him in his garage next week-end so we can run some more time trials and so that you can get some racing/practice in. If he's unable to, i could probably set up something in my dinning room for round II of the D.R.T.C.C. series. ;)

2005.12.01, 09:21 PM
Hey Sai,

Yea sounds like Sunday is best for y'all-no worries man. I would really like for you to try to fix my Enzo-I havent had a chance or the balls to tear into it :) Perhaps i can drop it by. Thanks man.

2005.12.01, 10:51 PM
Ya when ever you want to drop it by or i can meet ya somewhere inbetween. I'll be fixin my MR01 that i snapped a servo gear tooth either tomarrow or Saturday.

Dink just baught the new IW02 with the GT40 body. He also talked Todd into buying one so when he shows on Sunday he'll have his own car and he might be bringing some one with him.

Dusty Weasle
2005.12.02, 12:51 AM
So weíre going Sunday then? That will give me more time to work on my carÖ and weíre having my Dadís birthday party Saturday (a couple weeks late). The new motor arrived and I have to install it in the new GPM motor pod. I already put it in the Murc. Very nice.

Iím afraid the next GTG will have to be on Sunday as well, I have a Christmas party to go to on the 18th (in deepest, darkest Ahwatukee). After that weíll be fully mired down in the holiday spirit.

After the last month-long forced march at work we got a couple weeks of normal hours, and just in time for the holidays, we get to work 12hr days for a month again. I was hoping to setup a Time Trial in my garage after Christmas. If the schedule lightens up it may happen, but donít count on it.

More new cars! Guess Iíve got some sound files to editÖ

Any idea what car Todd has so I can set those files up? Iíve already got his name recorded in case of emergency or other random car switches.

Well, congratulations on the new house DM. Still up here in the North valley? I donít suppose itís got a room big enough for four or five Wide LísÖ

2005.12.02, 10:42 AM
Hi Sai,

I will drop the Enzo off this weekend-maybe i will drop by sunday during lunch as I was about to hit the BUY button at Tower and get the new GT-40 when I decided that....I wanted the mini-z version (But i want to see it in person). Glad we got a new guy to join us !

Dusty-thanks for the congrat man!-the house will be in Stetson Valley (55th and Happy Valley) - Might be able to get 2 wide L's into one of the extra bedrooms - have to let them build it n see. Got a huge backyard tho-wonder if they would let me pave it with concrete-(have to call the HOA for that one :)...maybe my wife too-hehehe.


Dusty Weasle
2005.12.03, 03:25 PM
I revised the track layout slightly for better use of the Bumper tiles. So here's the '06 track configuration for The Gauntlet.

See 'ya all Sunday SUNDAY SUNDAY!

(Saiyan, I'll send you the printer-friendly map version. My printer is still down).

2005.12.03, 05:14 PM
Wish I could join ya'll- but have fun!
I got my above posted parts...SWEET. New MR-02 car-F1 tires-motor pod for mr01-cool stuff! Amazing as I ordered them Thursday at 10pm from rckennon and got them saturday...that 1st class usmail-unreal speed.

I will try to drop by n say Hi sunday.


2005.12.04, 04:03 PM
Man- my new mr-02 gt-40 is so beautiful I almost broke my "there is no such thing as a shelf queen" rule-then I ran the heck outta it last night...
Its looks really nice-even with RCP black dust all over it.

2005.12.04, 04:40 PM
the gt is a beauty :p mine iwll never get used. i've seen it run on the track and it's just not a good track car :(


2005.12.04, 08:51 PM
Well if there were no rails of anysort for the front wheels to rub on then it would be fine. Atleast it has a servo saver, but the front could still "climb walls" if the front wheels stick out enough for the tyres to grab hold of the rails.

My Focus was doing that to me today and as a result i now have a notchy-ness to the steering travel as i think a tooth in the servo gears got chipped ( it's an MR01), from all the wall rubbing. I tried running some 0 offset wheels but it just made me traction roll in almost every corner. I'll fix it with fresh gears, but will only run it for the HFAY ( it's bone stock except for h-plate and balldiff ) and run my 02 ( with 2x3 fet stack ) for the AZGT series.

I did get the fastest lap in the first 30 min race, but was inconsistant and placed 3rd.

Dusty Weasle
2005.12.05, 12:51 AM
Week 4 of the AZGT saw a field of 5 run in the Round 7 Le Mans (30min) and it was a blast. It was a tight fight between the top two points leaders, with the Core announcer calling out lead changes sometimes lap after lap. But this round had an extra twist- every car in the field began having mechanical problems from the Green Flag to the Checkers.

A body pops off here, a tire rubs there, fading batteries, and the sporadic SQUEEEEEL of a Diff all added to the mayhem as drivers snatched cars up to make rapid repairs or just shake 'em Ďtill they worked.

My McLaren limped home to victory with only a two lap lead, and that only by virtue of Dinkís slightly more time consuming problems with his Porsche.

My car kept slowing with a horrible screech and occasionally doing donuts. I recently installed a GPM adjustable motor mount. Believing the motor to have come loose, I opened my car expecting to find a melted blob of plastic where the pinion used to be, but found everything snug and secure.

Removing the rear axle I found a wad of hair that had been spun up between Diff and bearing. Removing that fixed it right up. I recommend vacuuming your RCP track before each race. That traction side gives grip to more than just rubber.

The schedule ran late so we only had three starters for the Round 8 50 lap Sprint. Again, mechanical problems were the order of the day, except this time, for my McLaren.

Saiyanís CF H-Plate sheered off dragging his Ford Focus to an early retirement, and Dinkís batteries faded away after he gained ground on me.

So today I retain the points lead, but it was a close run thing. You know you had fun when your hands are shaking after the race :D . Only four rounds to go before the season ends. One more regular week, followed by the season finale full 1hr Le Mans and 100 lap Sprint.

We also ran HFAY Time Trials #2. I have six(!) times to post for that one, but I think we are all "slower than you". Iíll send those up to Brian soon.

Results for Week 4 (of 6):

Le Mans, Round 7
Dusty Weasle.....1.......1
Todd................ 4.......4
Chuck............... 5.......5

Sprint, Round 8
Dusty Weasle.....1........1

Total Points Standing
Dusty Weasle.......68
Digital Mafia........11

2005.12.05, 11:26 AM
Ya my hands weren't shaking but i was having problems holding my remote with some really sweaty palms. When the Core announced some where in the middle of the race that i pulled a new fast lap, i really got nervous and did everything i could to stay relaxed. :o Consistancy counts most though and i did not get any better then 3rd. Though if you think about it....I consistantly get 3rd :p

Dusty Weasle
2005.12.16, 01:33 AM
Since thereís a slim-to-none chance of my not working this weekend, we may as well skip any official AZGT activities this week. Though you can all GTG if you like, obviously.

Since holiday activities are taking up the rest of the month, Dink is out of town, and DM is also working weekends, letís resume the season in January so everyone can participate. We also expect to start the On Line Points Series in January.

Two AZGT weeks remain on the schedule for a maximum gain of 40 points, and itís a close battle for first and second place on the podium. Rounds 9 and 10 are the last Petit Le Mans and Sprint. Rounds 11 and 12 are the full hour Le Mans and the 100 lap Enduro Sprint.

If by some miracle Iím off Sunday Iíll try and set up HFAY #3 in my garage so everyone can lay down times on that. I had a great time with my new Williams BMW F1 on Track #2 last weekend.

2005.12.16, 07:45 AM
Hopefully you're able to get some time off and we can set down some laps on the HFAY #3 layout, and so that you can get a breather from work. ;) I just ordered some AWD bearings from HK, so i'll see them in the next few weeks. I was gonna set up another D.R.T.C.C. track, but i have an 8' x-mas tree in the way. So maybe i'll go for a drift oval in the living room. Hopefully i can give you guys a fight for those last 40 points. Dusty if you DNF the next 4 and Dink doesn't get more then 12 points i theoretically could still win the series. :rolleyes: :D

2005.12.30, 03:51 PM
Any racing this weekend? Our website got another interesed racer :)

2005.12.30, 06:57 PM
I could be up for some racing, but it's too late for me to be able to rent the clubhouse. So we would need to race at Dustyweasel's garage or something. Dink is still up in snow country skiing until Tuesday as well. We could always set up for an HFAY or something.

2005.12.30, 09:25 PM
I am up for that-if Dusty is available - we could do the F1's. I have the whole weekend off (even Monday). I will have to work a few Sundays in Jan then back to a normal 5 day a week life :)
Cheers ya'll and hope a nice holiday was had by all.

2006.01.16, 04:41 PM
I snagged some new sound files from our Audio Department to improve a couple of the Core sound effects (still featuring the digital British babe, Audrey).

Are you using something to generate British babe Audrey's voice? Is "she" the one that was used to generate the original voice files in the Core's software? I'd like to have all the racer's names and announcements consistent with a voice like hers. Thanks!

Dusty Weasle
2006.01.16, 11:45 PM
I donít know where Coreís original voices came from, one of their staff Iíd imagine.

I used ďAudreyÖ UK EnglishĒ from the AT&T Labs web site (I didnít want to listen to my own voice during a race, too distracting):

I recorded names for our club members, but it sounds much cooler to have an announcer call the car names instead. I have several hundred files already edited available for download along with cheering crowds, a new theme, and improved car images.

See the Core Support sub-forum, Page 3 Post #40.
However, skip those first download instructions. Thereís a bug somewhere in the ZIP files. Go to Post #50 for the correct download instructions. You can download individual files too if thereís only certain sounds or JPG files youíd like.