View Full Version : Got a system coming!!!

2005.09.27, 08:21 PM
Well I finally did it. Got a Core system coming! Finally, man do i procastenate. :rolleyes:

2005.09.27, 09:48 PM
Coolness....serious racing gonna happen in your area!

2005.10.17, 04:18 PM
Wow this thing is small.

time to install and test. The loop is quite thick in diameter, i'm going to need a bridge to use it with a carpet track.

Anyone have install advise?

2005.10.17, 05:07 PM
Wow this thing is small.

time to install and test. The loop is quite thick in diameter, i'm going to need a bridge to use it with a carpet track.

Anyone have install advise?

Machine, how much is this system? Where could we purchase one?

2005.10.17, 07:55 PM
with redirected shipping it was about $800 cdn with 12 transponders. I paid core directly and had to have it shipped to a US adress and redirected up to Canada. As core will not ship internationally? They mentioned something about not going to ship over seas. I could be losing it here but I'm not sure Canada is over any seas?

2005.10.17, 08:30 PM
it's outside the u.s. which for mailing purposes might as well be europe. not sure why he can't do that but i am glad you could find a work around to get the system.

2005.10.17, 09:19 PM
I'm really at a miss as to why they can't ship internationally. I get electronics from aisa, us and france and I've never encountered a company that said that not to mention software. Anyways if thats what they want to do, i think there limiting their market. IMO

Now i'm just waiting for the software link. Alittle disappointed that it did't come with a disc so i could use it right away. Nothing like getting something new and not being able to use it. :/

I emailed them today at 5pm, chances of getting it tonight - slim to none. But hopefully tomorrow. But man, tonight would be awesome common Core EMAIL ME it's killing me.... LOL

2005.10.17, 11:15 PM
kyosho will be selling it world wide. maybe core didn't want to mess with it for the sake of keeping it simple. afterall, he did mention that he won't be selling it in large numbers if at all once kyosho has it available.

i wonder if there is a update registry for software updates? how do i know i have the latest version of the software? just some more questions.....

2005.10.17, 11:19 PM
Ok no sooner do I go and post i'm waiting for my email, "ding" You've got mail homes" lo and behold software link. And the sucker works first try. Unreal! sweet off to tuen more laps and test out some other settings.

Now for some cool themes and sounds! Yet another toy to tinker with.

2005.10.18, 01:53 AM
o i just finished turing about 200 laps and burnt a stock motor out in the process. It was old and I was a mad man!

Ok first thoughts, this thing is small better be worth the coin. Well it totally is!

Did it miss a lap, nope. Check all 12 transponders and not a lap missed and they all work.

I made a cheapo PVC bridge for 2 reasons
1) cheapo and quick so i could start playing asap
2) my carpet is taped down and the loop wire is about 2mm think and the cars would feel driving over it.


2005.10.18, 12:41 PM
Machine, you spent $800 on the CORE system and you're not running an RCP track! You are on wayyy too much crack... drop the coin on an RCP track, you are missin out!

2005.10.18, 01:10 PM
I'm not running on an RCP track (yet) but the races are held on RCP tracks, our group has about 6 Wide L's. My garage isn't large enough to hold a full 96 mini set, and the ozite is a great alternative to always running on the same surface.

2005.10.18, 01:15 PM
ah... as long as you get to race on an rcp for the group races :D

2005.10.18, 01:18 PM
Were going to be switching it up, I've got enough ozite for a 20 x 30 ft track surface. Makes racing interesting going from on surface to another. RCP on week, carpet the next.