View Full Version : Submit your themes by 10/14

2005.09.27, 09:19 PM

Get your custom themes done by 10/14, zip up the directory, and email it
to support. That way, we'll include them in the demos at ihobby expo! So,
the users can see all of the customization features and your hard work.


2005.09.27, 11:04 PM

I’ll get mine to you before 14th October.

Are you planning to update the software version before then?

Did you find a solution in making the box a little wider on the ‘Racer Stats Screen’ in order to eliminate the horizontal scroll bar?

I’ve also noticed that if you list all of the results from practice heats etc. they are shown in the following order (heats 1, 10, 11…..19, 2 ,20, 21…….29, 3, 30, 31….etc) is it possible to renumber 1 – 9 as 01 – 09 then I think it would show in the correct numerical order.

I’m pleased to provide feed back and support. You have created a great product.

If anyone is thinking of buying this system - don't hesitate. The system works perfectly, mine has not missed one lap. The software is very customizable and the changes I request above are minor.

I think regular updates to the software will encourage other to submit corrections and suggestions.


2005.09.28, 05:20 AM
lets try to keep feedback/and support questions to the support threads, ne wand old. this way this thread stays on topic :)

sadly i don't have enough time to complete my theme other than the background :( i have sound clips, new countdown numbers and other stuff all in various stages of completion