View Full Version : should have a...

2005.09.28, 03:11 PM
You should make a b/s/t fourm but only people with over 100 posts can get in

2005.09.28, 06:36 PM
Does that stand for buy/sell/trade? We have a thread started already about this very subject. I and others totally agree on with having a special sub-forum for it.

2005.09.28, 06:43 PM
yes, when at all possibel, search for existing threads rather than starting the umteenth thread on the same subject.

yes, i would agree.... other trc, inc. sites have this feature, this one should as well. the tuff part is policing it as i would end up doing most of it and i am short on time as it is :p

2005.09.28, 07:54 PM
i could help out i am on every day for at least 5 hour more hours
sorry i didnt think to search at the time.