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2005.09.29, 05:12 PM
Hello world,

Here are som fotage from the first race in Miniracingbolagets Cup (www.miniracingbolaget.se/cup) in Sweden. The race was held at Cargel Racing, the best Mini-Z place in Sweden with two tracks.

The track record was beaten with almost 1,5 tenths of a second. From 6,800 to 6,666 seconds.


The racing in the A finals is one of the fastest I've seen. The cars are standard Mini-z, not FET enhanced, almost all Kyosho with the original FET. And then we are using handout AR30 Atomic Stock motors to get an even field. There are a lot of work in gettingh the correct setup. Here you will find the spec of one of the cars (in Swedish I know but I think you get the most of it anyhow):

Have fun watching.

Next race will be held in Karlskrona the 9th of October, 26 have already signed up for the race in the Race class. The Open class with free motors and electronics with FET stacks and Pro27, and Pocket Knives have hard time getting participants with only 2 contesters so far time will tell what happens.


2005.09.29, 05:52 PM
Awsome. The only thing missing was a close up pan of the starting grid. I couldn't make out what the cars were. The track looked good and definately tight by US standards, but that makes it fun and challenging. ;)

Is the track level? Cause it kinda looked like the bottom left corner (from the camera) was lower . It might be a lighting issue and how the camera was focused i guess if it is level. But it looks like it starts to dip down as you go into the last loop befor coming up to the short straight and the make the final left onto the main straight away. Could just be me though.

2005.09.30, 01:42 AM
Awesome video and awesome racing. With the right setup and a hot stock motor thy're pretty quick. I'm working on a stock FET all K car right now. It's pretty quick as well and very easy to control after running FET stacked cars.

You guys have to get a gallery setup here.


2005.09.30, 03:30 AM
I'll bring that info to the cameraman. :-)

I would say that the track, Cargel CK Raceway, is the most challenging track in Sweden. Length is about 25 meters with at track witdh of 60-80 cm (on the black) with many quick corners. The key to this track is to dare going in full throttle past the column and into tha carusel corner.

The track is level and I think that it's the spotlights that are causing these effects.

We are actually running faster than the cars with stacked FET's on this track. But it was some time ago someone ran a FET stacked car on this track in race. It's not so much the topspeed that makes you fast on this track, it's all about the racing line and carrying the speed through the corners.

For our other track at Cargel Racing the motor is coming more importans since it's a more sweeping type of track.

And I don't think that a video from our own race series Cargel Touring Car Championship would be fun to watch. We only race one 20 minutes long A-final.


2005.09.30, 10:36 AM
I ended up 3rd in this race, behind Roland Ström and Fredrik Mathiesen, both are world class racers (for instance: roland ström came in 6th in this years european champs in nitro touring). Roland drives the white/***ish pink car, while Fredrik drives the black n' orange car. All drivers in the A - final used McLaren bodies as they perform brilliantly. The surface of the track is a sort of rubber carpet, however it's not similar to the rcp-tracks you use.

this is my set-up:


Gandini/powertires hard (foam tires) 22.5mm diameter
2* camber (01.MZW212.02)
polished kingpins (01.MZW203)
5mm up-stop
yellow(hard springs) - ( 01,MZW201)
0.7mm lowered ( 01.MZW215)
0* toe in/out

rear end:

Super rears (foam tires) 30 shore 23.5mm diameter
soft T-bar (01.MZW205)
lowered 0.8 mm
Damper with 1000wt differential grease, teflon film on the damper plate (01.MZW216)
the damper spring has quite hard tension.
balldifferential with titaniumaxel (01.MZW206 01.MZW209)
pinion # 8 , stock on the differential, the differential is quite loose(01.MZW24)


Chassis with goldplated "batterycontacts" (01.MZF203GM)
titanium screws (01.MZW219)
Aluminium nuts (01.MZW13BL)
Powertires/gandini rims
ball bearings(01.MZW01)
McLaren body, lowered
Varta Ic3-batteries
weighs in @ 176 grams ( about 172 without wights, 175 is minimum)

another picture of the track:


2005.09.30, 11:47 AM
Ya i was sure that the track was level, but it looked like there was an elevation change.

McClarens are nice, i'm partial to the Gulf scheme myself.

Racing lines are definately important. I'm not the greatest of drivers, but i make up for it with my driving line. I can usually keep up because of this and if the cars are closely matched i can even attain a podium finish. In 1:10 touring car atleast. I'm also willing to use my breaks to avoid a crash if i can, less time on you lid waiting for a cornermartial means faster more consistant laps.

The vids are great, i was just wanting to see more of what cars were on the starting grid.