View Full Version : Salt Lake Mini-Z's Newest Member

2005.10.02, 09:37 PM
here is the newest member to our Mini-z Club.


She Was born on Sept 29, 2005. As soon as she figures out how those hand work, I'll be giving here a Transmitter to get familliar with. ;)

She is almost small enough to take a ride on my Mini-z. :eek: , that would sure be lots of fun.


2005.10.03, 05:15 AM
congrats :D

it won't be long before she can cuddle up to kt-2 or 5 :p i'll find my 16 month old playing with the nobs on his so my plan is working :cool: only a matter of time...

2005.10.03, 07:29 PM
Congrats Brian. Glad to see all went well.


2005.10.03, 09:34 PM
thanks David, I'll see you at our next race, hopefully things will have settled down for me a little bit by then.

I think I will reschedule a race for the 27th of october. sorry to hear you couldn't get a overland course that would work.

I received my other 2 tracks too, so that will allow us to make some even bigger tracks when we have room for them.


2005.10.04, 12:51 AM
yahoo! baby!

2005.10.05, 07:08 PM
Where are we going to race on the 13th? It getsx get dark too early to race outside, plus the temps are much less than comfortable now. Is it going to be garage time now, or did you find another place?